Red Ants Pants

Work Pants Made By and For Women Reviewed by Leslie Rapparlie When it comes to workpants, women have to choose fromcuts and styles made and designed for men. As a result, women labor in pants that are too big, too long, or too snug. Red Ants Pants (RAP), set out to change that by designing workpants made by and for women-the name originates from the fact that female ants do all the work in their colonies. RAP allow women to choose the cut-curvy or straight-length and waist for a customized pair of pants! The result? A pair of high-quality, American-made, durable pants that fit, flatter, and function. What's unique about RAP is that each pair has a small red ant sewn onto them-if you find someone else with the ant in the same place, take a photo, send it to RAP, and you'll get a freeT-shirt! The downside to this product is that you can't find the pants in local stores (the company is based in Montana). You have to order online ( can mean a bit of mailing back and forth to find the right cut and fit. But, the pants are great! And men, don't fret, the straight cut will fit you too! Rating: 4 boots out of 5