Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area


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Park Overview:

Typical Pine Barrens habitat, dominated by Pitch Pine and Scrub Oak and at wetter areas Atlantic White Cedar is also present.

Trail Uses:Hiking
Trail Miles:
Park Acreage:12662 acres
New Egypt/Ocean/NJ
Park Description:

Covering more than 12,000 acres, the Colliers Mills WMA is comprised of pitch pine and scrub oak forests, white cedar swamps, fields and lakes. The size of the wildlife management area invites exploration and solitude; however, in some areas, heavy greenbrier undergrowth prevents bushwhacking.

Trails Overview:

A main sand road leads past lakes, through the heart of the area, and exits on the other side.  Other sand roads interlace the area, including some which restrict vehicles.  Typical of wildlife management areas, there are no blazed trails.  Hunters heavily use the area in the fall hunting season, so hikers should take appropriate precautions.

Topographical maps can be found at: Table of Wildlife Management Areas.  Hikers can also purchase the Casswood and Lakehurst USGS topographic quadrangle maps; or free scanned copies are available at the USGS web site


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To reach the wildlife management area, take Exit 16A [Six Flags] of I-195 and turn right onto County 537. Continue for 3.4 miles and turn left onto Hawkin Road. The office is on the left, with a main sand road leading into the area just beyond.

Contact Information:NJ DEP, Division of Fish & Wildlife