Marsh Memorial Sanctuary


Marsh Memorial Sanctuary
Park Overview:

Trail Uses:Hiking, Bridle path
Dogs:Dogs on leash
Trail Miles:2.7 miles
Park Acreage:156 acres
Mt. Kisco/Westchester/NY
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Park Description:
Some of Marsh Memorial Sanctuary had been Brookside, the home of Martha Leonard, a thespian and gardener, who purchased it before 1900 with the help of her family, who were prominent land owners in the area. She planted extensive gardens and built an amphitheater for plays and concerts she staged there from 1911 into the 1920’s. The amphitheater was renovated in 1990.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Marsh Memorial Sanctuary was a summer camp, but then lay dormant. But with sanctuary signs posted and trails marked, walkers and birders can once again enjoy this preserve. The privately owned sanctuary is open to the public and is managed by Marsh Sanctuary Inc., a nonprofit organization. They partnered with InterGenerate and have established a community garden.
When Norman and Cornelia Marsh’s 10-year old daughter Cornelia died of a congenital heart ailment, they wanted to create a memorial to honor her and her love of nature. So, in 1956 they bought a portion of property near the corner of Sarles Street and Byram Lake Road, creating a sanctuary and protecting the wetlands. With subsequent donations of money and land, the sanctuary grew to include the Brookside property.
Trails Overview:

The three trailheads at Marsh Memorial Sanctuary provide hikers access to diverse habitats: woodland, wetland, meadow, stream, and pond.

There are three entrances to the sanctuary. For all of them, Take I-684 to Exit 4 (Route 172) and head west. 
Brookside parking (on on Route 172) go 1.5 miles, pass Sarles Street and turn left into the parking area at a barn with a Marsh Sanctuary sign [41.199725N 73.714250W].
Field parking, turn left onto Sarles Street and in 0.3 mile, turn right to park in an open field [41.195603N 73.710566W].
South Trail parking: go another 1.1 miles for roadside parking south of #286
41.180412N 73.710100
No public transportation 
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Region:Westchester County