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Park Overview:

Ringwood State Park features both wild lands and landscaped gardens. It consists of four distinct areas: Ringwood Manor, Skylands Manor/NJ State Botanical Garden, Shepherd Lake, and Bear Swamp Lake.

Trail Uses:Hiking, Mountain biking, Bridle path, Handicapped
Dogs:Dogs on leash
Trail Miles:50 miles
Park Acreage:4444 acres
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Trail Conference volunteers maintain trails in this park.
Park Description:

Ringwood State Park features both wild lands and landscaped gardens. 

The park is named after Ringwood Manor, a large mansion containing a priceless collection of relics from the iron-making days, as well as furnishings of the Ryerson, Cooper and Hewitt families from about 1810 to 1930.  Click for more information about the manor house, including tours.

Skylands Manor, located a few miles away, is home of the New Jersey Botanical Garden. Samuel Parsons, Jr., founder of the American Society of Landscape Architects and protégé of Frederick Law Olmstead, the one time NYC Parks commissioner, designed the grounds. The Manor itself was built in the 1920s based on English Jacobean architecture common in the English countryside 400 years ago. Tours are offered one Sunday per month March through November.

Shepherd Lake is principally for seasonal activities: swimming, boating, and picnicking. Oddly, on a nearby hill are trapshooting facilities, making it possible to swim to the sound of muffled guns. It may also be possible to have Shotgun Weddings since down the hill from Thunder Mountain Shooting Range is St. Luke's Chapel which is tied in to weddings at Skylands.

NJ DEP official regulations concerning leashed dogs in the park:

  • Not permitted:
    • On the beach at Shepherd Lake
    • Within the New Jersey State Botanical Garden.
  • Permitted:
    • On trails outside the Botanical Garden as long as the dogs are kept on the outskirts and not using the main areas of the gardens to access the trails.
    • On the roadways in the gardens dogs are allowed on Honeysuckle Lane and all roads below Skylands Manor.
    • Elsewhere pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash and the owner’s clean up after them.

Parking Fees are charged Memorial Day to Labor Day [click on park "Contact Information" below]

Trails Overview:

There are seven trails, most beginning around Ringwood Manor going on either side of Sloatsburg Road. Individual trails range from 1.0 to 7.3 miles.

  • Advisory: Approximately a 3/4 mile portion of the Hasenclever Iron Trail [yellow blaze] has been closed to the public in the area of Peter's Mine for a number of years. From Ringwood Manor it is approximately 1.5 miles in. There is currently no reroute, please plan accordingly. [February, 2014]

Ringwood Manor:Aside from enjoying the grounds and buildings, the Manor Trail is a relatively easy loop through the woods west of Ringwood Manor [3.0 miles; blue blaze].

  • Advisory:  The bridge over the Ringwood River at the northern trailhead of the Crossover Trail [white blaze] and Ringwood-Ramapo Trail [red on white] has been closed by the Park, as it is structurally unsound. Until a replacement bridge is built, the Crossover and Ringwood-Ramapo Trails heading east towards Skylands Manor cannot be accessed from the upper parking area at Ringwood Manor.

Skylands Manor: With perennials, annual plantings, and unusual plant species the Skylands is a place of beauty in any season. One can stroll amid the elegance of formal gardens, or along gentle paths winding through the woods. Only the Crossover Trail passes through Skylands. The Halifax Trail [green blaze] begins on the far side of the big lawn of the gardens.

Shepherd Lake: An informal trail goes around part of the lake, and the Ringwood-Ramapo Trail [red blaze] passes by the parking lot. A new orange-blazed trail starts at the dock and stays in the area.

  • Ringwood Manor - NY 17 just south of Sloatsburg, New York, via Sterling Mine Road (County 72) which becomes Sloatsburg Road when it crosses into to New Jersey, Ringwood Manor is on the right.
  • Skylands Manor & Shepherd Lake - Continue another half-mile south on Sloatsburg Road, turn left onto Morris Road [a large sign will direct you].
  • All three areas have large or multiple parking areas but Shepherd Lake can get crowded on summer weekends
  • Public Transportation: NJ Transit Bus # 197 from Port Authority Bus Terminal. Bus stop is not so near, but a walk to the park is feasible from Skylands Road.
Contact Information:NJ DEP, Division of Parks and Forestry
Region:Ramapo Mountains
Fees:Some times and places; check with park

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Ringwood State Park - Most Trails are OPEN

Trails in Ringwood State Park are open, with the exception of Crossover Trail and Cooper Union Trail.   Those two trails should be open within the month as the pipeline work there is completed.    Happy Hiking!

All trails in Ringwood State Park are closed until April 15th

Due to the impending construction to widen the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, which crosses the park, the park superintendent has announced that all trails in Ringwood State Park are closed until April 15, 2013.  This closure affects only trails in Ringwood State Park, not those in the adjacent Ramapo Mountain State Forest or Ramapo Valley County Reservation.

Ringwood Manor closed for cleaning for the rest of winter 2012

The furnace malfunctioned and blew soot all over the place. First theft, now this! When will the plagues end?

See http://www.state.nj.us/dep/newsrel/2012/12_0009.htm for details.

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hasenclever trail status?

I did see something recently that the cleanup may be completed in the next month or two. Probably would have to be some updating of trail markers (I had also heard that many were missing in the vicinity of the mines...) The markers from JPISP and to Stop 7 appear to have been refurbished and maintained sometime late last summer.