Riverside Park

Park Overview:

A scenic linear park on the western edge of Manhattan that is a key section of the greenway that spans the island from end to end.

Trail Uses:Hiking, X-C skiing, Handicapped
Dogs:Dogs on leash
Trail Miles:7 miles
Park Acreage:266 acres
New York City/New York/NY
Park Description:

Stretching from 72nd to 158th street along the west edge of Manhattan bordering the Hudson River, the park has beautiful river views from right at the water's edge and from the bluff that rises above it. There are diverse sports facilities from soccer fields to tennis courts, as well as playgrounds, dog runs, and gardens for less structured recreational activities. 

Trails Overview:

The park from 72nd to 120th has 3 parallel paths. One right next to the river, another at the side of Riverside Drive, passing several beautiful and historic monuments, and one between these two that runs through the center of the park on promenades flanked with mature sycamore trees. All are scenic and interesting in their own right. Only the riverside trail continues north of 120th street. It currently heads one block inland between 129th and 135th streets, but construction is underway to allow the path to keep to the rivers' edge. 

South of 72nd the park connects to the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway that extends all the way to the southern tip of Manhattan. North of 158th, the trail connects with trails in  Fort Washington, Fort Tryon and Inwood Hill Parks extending a pedestrian and bike path all the way to the north end of the island.


Cycling is allowed on the paved park paths at the riverside and middle levels.


Accessible from Riverside Drive and from some parking areas along Henry Hudson Parkway.

Contact Information:New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
Region:New York City