Sourland Mountain Cluster

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A cluster of several parks in the Sourland Mountains spread over three counties. Heavily forested with some rough, rocky terrain and high ridges.

Trail Uses:Hiking, Mountain biking, Bridle path
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A ten-mile-wide-by-four-mile-long traprock ridge known as Sourland Mountain rises from the red sandstone plain and runs southwest of Somerville towards the Delaware River. Heavily forested with some rough, rocky terrain, the ridge is high enough to permit a view of Manhattan skyscrapers.  Sourland Mountain has remained largely undeveloped because the acidic land has never been worth much agriculturally - some speculate that is the origin of its name -- or commercially, and it is far from major thoroughfares.

Since 1989 the Sourland Regional Citizens Planning Council has pressed for its protection, which has proved to be difficult as the mountain is located in three counties.  Maps of Sourland.

Hiking areas included in the cluster are:

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Region:Central Jersey