Windham High Peak Wild Forest

Park Overview:

For a compilation of New York State lands in the Catskill Forest Preserve consisting of wild forests and wilderness areas click here.  For a description of Catskill Park and its trails click here.  

Trail Uses:Hiking, Mountain biking, X-C skiing
Dogs:Dogs on leash
Trail Miles:30 miles
Park Acreage:4300 acres
Windham, Durham, Cairo and
Trail Conference volunteers maintain trails in this park.
Park Description:

"The Windham High Peak Wild Forest consists of 4,300 acres. The unit lies at the northernmost edge of the Catskill Forest Preserve in the Greene County Towns of Windham, Durham, Cairo and Jewett.

The unit is bordered by NYS Route 23 on the north. Here the northern terminus of the Escarpment Trail begins and travels the length of the Unit as a ridge trail. The western boundary is SR 23 between East Windham and Brooksburg, and the eastern boundary is a foot trail from the Black Dome Valley. The northern boundary is the northernmost boundary of the Catskill Preserve; this boundary follows the Catskill Park "Blue Line" for over 2 miles. Elevation ranges from 1700 feet at SR 23 to 3524 feet at the summit of Windham High Peak. Vistas are found along the ridge trail at Windham High Peak and the 3180 foot Burnt Knob." [Source: web site below in Contact Information]

Trails Overview:

The Unit Management Plan for this area was still in draft form as of March 2008.  See Trail Conference, Catskill Trails, Map 41 for description of the Escarpment Trail, which is co-aligned with the Long Path.  See also Catskill Park [link above].


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