Greenbelt Circular Trail - Staten Island Greenbelt

Trail Name: 
Greenbelt Circular Trail
General information
Extending from Forest Avenue on the north side of Clove Lakes Park to Brielle Avenue near the Seaview Hospital, the Blue Trail traverses scenic parklands, with several roadwalks linking the various sections of the trail. The northern trailhead is at the intersection of Forest Avenue and Clove Road, where the S48 bus from the St. George ferry terminal stops. Highlights of the trail include an overlook that offers views of Raritan Bay, Atlantic Highlands, and Sandy Hook. The Blue Trail crosses other trails at a couple of points. The Yellow Trail briefly joins at 3.4 miles. and aligns with the Blue Trail over the next 1.4 miles. At 9.0 miles, the White Trail, together with another trail blazed with a white N on blue, join from the left. The White Trail leaves to the right in 750 feet, and the white-N-on-blue trail-which leads to the Greenbelt Nature Center, at the intersection of Rockland and Brielle avenues-leaves to the left at 9.3 miles. At 11.0 miles, the trail turns left onto a wide woods road, which it follows down to the intersection of Brielle Avenue and Roanoke Street, where the S54 and S57 buses stop. As of  2004, this area was targeted for a senior citizens' development, and the trail will be relocated around the development once it has been completed.
Maintaining Organization: 
NY-NJ Trail Conference