Local Trail Committee (LTC) Chair


The LTC Chair is the Trail Conference volunteer principally accountable for planning and reporting on the maintenance and development of the trail network in a defined LTC geographic area. The LTC Chair communicates and coordinates on a regular basis with agency partners and land managers, LTC Supervisors and Crew Chiefs, the Regional Program Coordinator, and other staff to carry out this role. This position reports to the Executive Director through the Regional Program Coordinator.

  1. Trail Management

    1. Obtain trail maintenance reports from LTC Supervisors and Crew Chiefs per the established schedule. Based on these reports, submit LTC Chair reports to the Regional Program Coordinator, including volunteer hours, trail conditions, and issues which degrade the trail experience.

    2. Oversee trail approvals within the LTC.

    3. Coordinate scheduling of trail construction activities.

    4. Support implementation of Trail Conference policies and practices.

    5. Review information in the trail database and ensure that updates are made.

  2. Volunteer Resources

    1. Appoint supervisors and crew chiefs.

    2. Oversee LTC activities to recruit, retain, and recognize supervisors, crew chiefs and trail maintainers.

    3. Identify volunteer training needs and facilitate training opportunities.

    4. Encourage LTC participation at Regional Trails Council meetings.

    5. Monitor and evaluate LTC Supervisor and Crew Chief performance.

    6. Develop succession plan for LTC Chair, Supervisor, and Crew Chief positions.

  3. Land Manager Relations

    1. Ensure LTC builds good working relationships with land managers, including meeting at least once each year to discuss and assess trail system needs and priorities.

    2. Work with the Regional Program Coordinator to provide reports to each land manager on activities within its trail system at least once each year.

  4. Planning

    1. Identify and prioritize LTC needs and resource requirements on annual basis based on discussions with agency partners and land managers, LTC Supervisors and Crew Chiefs, and the Regional Program Coordinator and other staff.

    2. Assist with securing funding for LTC activities.

    3. Recommend annual plan and budget priorities for inclusion in regional budget;

    4. Identify opportunities to support Trail Conference strategic goals; and comment on proposed policies.

    5. Identify needs and opportunities for publications, conservation, communications, advocacy and other activities.

Commitment Type: 
Long Term
Duration of Assignment: 
Appointment: One year by Trail Council President
Weekly, and as required by Supervisors, for problems resolution and for contact with partner agencies.
Location Type: 
On Trail
Work Site: 
On and Off Trail
Age Requirements: 
18 and older
Trail Work
Works and coordinates with Regional Trails Council Chair, staff members and Land Managers