Trail Maintainer

Considering that the Trail Conference has over 1,800 miles of hiking trails to maintain, it is not surprising that trail maintainers are the majority of our volunteers. Maintaining a trail is often the first job people think of when they want to volunteer. Trail maintainers make it possible to hike.
  • Member of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference or one of its member clubs
  • Must have received on-the-trail training from Trail Supervisor or completed a Trail Maintenance 101 workshop
  • Physically able to hike and be comfortable spending time in the woods
  • Be able to provide own transportation or have access to adequate public transport
  • Inspect and maintain assigned section of trail a minimum of twice per year.  Once in each season is preferred , or as conditions dictate.
  • Submit semi-annual Trail Maintenance report to Supervisor by the specified deadline.
  • Attend a Trail Conference Trail Maintenance workshop, and/or work with Supervisor for on-the-job training.
  • Notify your Supervisor as soon as possible if you are unable to continue as a maintainer, or if you need assistance.
  • Submit annual insurance forms as received from the Trail Conference office, to the appropriate public agency.
  • Must provide own tools for trail maintenance work.
  • Review Trail Maintenance Manual for a full job description to gain thorough familiarization with standards and requirements.
  • Clip and trim trail, clear waterbars, remove small fallen trees, limbs and rocks from trail.
  • Keep trail free from litter and graffiti.
  • Replace or repair blazes when missing, faded or stretched as needed, to bring to Trail Conference standards. Use particular care to follow the specific blaze definition for your trail and using specified paint colors or tages.  Paint/color chart available.
  • Remove brush and branches obstructing blazes.
  • Build stone cairns where needed to delineate the trai
  • Report location and size of large blow downs to Trail Supervisor, as soon as possible.
  • Make minor trail locations after approval from Supervisor.
  • Request help for major repairs from Supervisor, as soon as possible.
  • Report trail problems and trail misuse to Supervisor; request help for any problems.
  • File an online Illegal use Report at
Volunteer Contribution: 
Provide a well-maintained trail to give the public a pleasant and safe hiking experience.
  • Attend NYNJTC Trail Maintenance Workshop when available, and receive on-trail trailing from Trail Supervisor or Trail Chair.
  • Read, refer to and apply NYNJTC Trail Maintenance Manual.
  • Be aware of NYNJTC Volunteer Handbook and Youth Policy, on website.
  • Attendance at addtional training workshops that are offered is encouraged; such as, Chainsaw, First Aid, Trail Construction. Note: Use of chainsaws requires specific training and certification.
Commitment Type: 
Duration of Assignment: 
1 year minimum
One to several hours, depending on trail section and number of visits to trail.
Location Type: 
On Trail
Trail Supervisor
Age Requirements: 
18 and older
Trail Work