Harriman and Bear Mountain State Park Trail Maintainer

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Trail Maintainer
Come volunteer in one of the most historic parks in our region

Harriman and Bear Mountain are one of the most famous hiking spots in the New York Metro area. With amazing views, a great variety of trails and lakes, it is no wonder that this area is often showcased whenever anyone is talking about places to hike.  Bear Mountain is also the birthplace of the Appalachian Trail, with the first section of the trail opening up behind the Bear Mountain October 7, 1923.   Throughout the park there are also historic ruins, festivals, and great spots to stop and have a picnic.


Job Description:

         With over 1700 volunteers, the New York New Jersey Trail Conference does amazing things to preserve, promote, and protect the trails. None of this could be done without the 1400 Trail Maintainers. Each Trail Maintainer is assigned to a section of trail that is their responsibility to ensure is the best possible trail experience for all users. Duties include, cleaning the Trail of debris, making sure that the trail is well marked, and reporting major issues to their Trail Supervisor.  Each Maintainer is expected to go out to their Trail Section at least 2 times per year and report back their accomplishments 2 times a year. Training is provided in our Introduction to Trail Maintainer classes or with your Trail Supervisor. 

Harriman Bear Mountain
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Trail Work
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On Trail
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