Lean-to Caretaker: Catskills - V73

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Lean-to / Shelter Caretaker

The Trail Conference is responsible for the maintenance of 28 lean-tos in the Catskill Park.  Volunteers help maintain the lean-to, clean up the surrounding site and keep side trails and overflow campsites open and accessible.  

Diamond Notch Hollow shelter rehab. Photo by Jeff Senterman.

The Trail Conference is responsible for maintaining 28 backcountry lean-tos in the Catskill Park.  These lean-tos provide shelter for hikers and campers and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for use.

Lean-to Caretakers adopt a single lean-to and work on the basic maintenance of the lean-to and the surrounding area.  That work includes keeping the lean-to clean, performing basic maintainenace tasks to the structure, maintaining the side trails and overflow campsites and notifying the Lean-to Chair of any significant issues that require more work.

In the case of significant issues, our Catskills Lean-to Crew is able to rehabilitate, repair and reconstruct lean-tos.  To date we have worked on a number of lean-tos, including the construction of the John Robb Lean-to on Hunter Mountain.

Lean-tos are located throughout the Catskill Park and are generally at least a few miles distant from a trailhead (and require hiking to reach).  

If you are interested in adopting a lean-to for maintenance, please complete the information below.  That information will be sent to our Lean-to Chair who will contact you with lean-tos that are available for adoption.  We will work with you to find the lean-to that is right for your abilities and needs.

Lean-to Caretakers must be members of the Trail Conference.

Catskill Forest Preserve
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Trail Work
Catskills Lean-to Supervisor
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On Trail
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