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VBA Programer

Help the Trail Conference with your amazing VBA Skills!

This volunteer opportunity will allow you to not just apply your VBA programming skills, but also to use them to facilitate the daily balancing of the books in our busy back office.  Learn the details of how that is accomplished, and then automate the process so it is quick, easy, and accurate!  We need you to upgrade an existing Excel VBA macro to make it a fully functional program  -  flexible and robust.  Bring the code up-to-date with Office 2007 or 2013.   The finished program will operate on three files: a hiking book and map sales file, a membership payments file, and a file of paypal charges, spanning multiple days.   They will be copied in to one master worksheet, then divided up by day and copied to one worksheet for each day.  The code will loop through the map sales file, one entry at a time, and find the matching entry in the paypal file, based on customer name and amount.  It will repeat the process for the membership payments file and the paypal file.  Matching  and mis-matching entries will be flagged with appropriate letters.  A detailed string name comparison will be done for the names in the files resulting in two or three levels of "match" which will combine with the match flag for amounts to create a multi-tiered, more exact, matching scheme.   When the Excel project is complete, the daily and weekly bookkeeping for our sales department will be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks  - then we will all have more time to go out and hit the trails! And more projects can follow for the successful and interested programmer.  
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Gary Willick
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Off Trail
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