Order Problems?

This form should be used to contact the order department directly (normally only answered during office hours). Or call 201-512-9348x11.

Typical issues that they can address:

  • Has my order shipped yet?
  • I was sent the wrong book/map.
  • I need expedited shipping.
  • Cancel order (may work if not already shipped)

The order department cannot address problems with the website. Use the Feedback form instead which contacts the webmaster directly. See hints on website problems.

Questions about where to hike or which book or map would be better are better answered on the website by looking at the detailed information on the publications or asking questions on the forums. 


Full name (optional - but helps make sure we got the right order.)
Optional - but makes finding an order faster. You may not already have an order number if you haven't submitted an order yet.
Office Use Only