TMG approval form

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D R A F T All numbers below are subject to change!   To expedite changes to the TMG, the following has been proposed as a quick approval method. Fill out the form below and either approve, disapprove, and/or insist on full Trails Council approval. Only the document lead (originator) may call for a vote when they think they are ready.
  • Approval - at least 10 votes and 80% of approve vs disapprove, e.g. 10 yes. 2 no approved, but 10 A 3 D awaits further voting
  • Disapproval - 5 disapprovals are a veto - back to the drawing board
  • Full Trails Council - 5 to force consideration of the Full Trails Council
Once approval vote is achieved and the item has been posted for at least 10 days, voting is closed. Once a disapproval vote is achieved, the voting is closed. When the voting is closed it is referred to Trails Council if necessary, otherwise it is either approved or disapproved according to the vote. Disapprovals must be accompanied by an explanation of what needs to be fixed to make it acceptible. You can check Full Trails Council as well as either Approve or Disapprove. This will serious degrade response time to making changes, so it should only be used if you really think it is important enough to rise to this level, e.g. just Disapprove and kill it that way rather than delaying it. It will go the Trails Council with a recommendatation reflecting the vote. On seeing the comments provided, the originator may incorporate those changes or accomodate them and reset the voting. Editorial changes may be made without resetting the vote.