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Official full name
Select your best landscape photo that is representative of your Trail Crew. This photo will appear at the top of the crew page and the thumbnail on the directory page. Photo should be full resolution, 8MP camera or better.
One to two sentences. This is your initial sales pitch to get people to look further.
what you do · types of projects you work on · training you provide · what to bring · come once, come often, become a friend · the ‘secret sauce’ that makes your crew unique. Also include things like what days you usually run trips, seasons, or other scheduling issues.
Person to contact for more info about the crew - usually the crew chief.
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For example: Name of park, Name of trail, Name of a broader region
A bulletted list of external sites that have more about the crew: Website, Photo site, Mailing list: mailing list group name, list link (URL) – this could be a google group or listserv, Facebook, twitter, Any other links you’d like to share