Lower Hudson PRISM

The Lower Hudson Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM) is hosted and coordinated by the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference and funded through New York State Environmental Protection Fund.

Partners Meeting

Next Partners Meeting:  See Meeting schedule.

Partners at January 30 meeting

PRISM Governance and Partner Agreement

Governance Policy / Steering Committee Definition (PDF)  - approved Jan 30, 2014 - this will be Exhibit B to the Partner Agreement below

Steering Committee (PDF) 

Partner Agreement (PDF) - approved 3/5/13, updated 4/4/13

Note: Some browsers don't display all parts of the PDF documents correctly. Its best to open it in Adobe and read/print from there.


2014 RFP

The Lower Hudson PRISM is requesting proposals to implement portions of its Action Plans (below).

Request for Proposals (PDF) issued March 31. Awarded May 15.

Request for Quotes - Logo and Handbook (PDF) issued August 26.

Proposal Application form (WORD)

2014 Action Plans

2014 Action Plans  - approved March 5

New working groups have formed to work on activities and are being coordinated as follows:

Goal 1 - Capacity Building (PDF)

Working Group: Priority action 1.1.3 Partner survey - lead: Daniel Atha

Signups for G1 Activities

Goal 2 - Conservation Targets (PDF)

Priority objective 2.1 Engage partners for conservation targets - lead: John Mickelson

Signups for G2 Activities

Goal 3 - Strategic IS Management (PDF)

Priority objective 3.1 Capacity to rapidly respond to new introductions -lead: Linda Rohleder

Signups for G3 Activities

Goal 4 - Education and Outreach (PDF)

Priority action 4.3.1 Participate in Invasive Species Awareness Week - lead: Jen Stengle and Annie Christian

Signups for G4 Activities

Goal 5 - Mitigating Pathways of Invasion (PDF)

Priority objective 5.1 Identify significant pathways and audiences - lead: Meredith Taylor

Signups for G5 Activities

Goal 6 - Information Exchange (PDF)

Priority objective 6.1 Gather and organize IS information - lead: Heidi Cunnick

Signups for G6 Activities

2013 Annual Report

Lower Hudson PRISM 2013 Annual Report (PDF)

Partner Survey - 2014 Plans

This survey was conducted to understand what activities related to invasive species the partners planned to be involved in duing 2014.

Blank Survey form

Summary Results

Spreadsheet of Detailed Responses (this is a document stored on Google drive. Click on the link and then select File and Download to download an Excel spreadsheet version.)

Partner Survey - Resources and Needs

This survey was conducted to understand resources that partners had to share or contribute to the PRISM and the needs of partners for additional resources or information to help them better address invasive species.

Blank Survey form

Spreadsheet of Detailed Responses

PRISM Region

Lower Hudson PRISM Map


How to Join Our PRISM listserve

Send a blank email from the email address at which you wish to receive listserve emails with the Subject "Join" (without the quotes) to

[email protected]

List of Partners

List of Partners


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