Highlands Trail Guide

Highlands Trail Guide Introduction    

Updated 7/1/23.

The Highlands Trail Guide is your resource for planning hikes on the Highlands Trail. Several maps are linked below, followed by detailed descriptions of individual trail segments. Hike reports, questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated; please contact the volunteer Highlands Trail Chair at [email protected]

Please READ THE ALERTS for each section you are hiking. They inform you of reroutes which might not show on your map or of closed sections. One alert lets you know that HT hikers are permitted to open a fence gate for entry to the trail. Plan ahead before you get out somewhere with no cell phone signal and need the info. 

What's with all of those road walks?

The good news is that the better portion of the Highlands Trail road walks in NY & NJ can be eliminated with woods trails on public land. The bad news is that the current HT Chair (me) and the current HT Supervisors are all maxed out. The Hunterdon County sections alone take up most of our summer to maintain them just to keep them open and hike-able - and we sometimes fail at even that goal. So, we just don't have time to eliminate road walks - even the ones where a future woods trail has already been scouted. That's where YOU come in if you are interested. I would of course get you up to speed on what land is available and how to go about it. 

The plans between Goose Pond Mountain State Park and Sterling Forest are not final. Of course, anything would be better than the current road walk. Recently, a proposal has come up to swing the trail over to Sugar Loaf Mountain. That would be a great place for the trail to go. But how to do it without extensive road walks is the problem. 

The plans between Black Rock Forest and Schunemunk Moutain are more straight-forward. The trail will go south through Legacy Ridge. The land is available, and the park is willing to work with us once we scout out a route, walk them through the proposed route, and get it approved. But the time to scout and flag out a viable route and organize work crews is lacking. From the scouting I have done, the HT through Legacy Ridge would not just be a viable HT connection, but a destination trail of its own. 


So, if you are interested in taking ownership of a road walk elimination project and improving the trail, please contact me. 


Glenn Oleksak

Highlands Trail Chair

[email protected]

A set of 10 individual section maps for the Highlands Trail through New Jersey has been created with support from the New Jersey Highlands Council. 

A digital Avenza Maps app map of the New Jersey section is also now available, so click here to learn more about this free app map.

This Highlands Trail Map below is interactive and zoomable and was last updated in December 2021. Tap the 'Explore' button at the bottom to view the map or click here to view a full-screen version for your desktop or mobile device. Please be sure to also refer to the individual detailed descriptions to ensure you have the latest updates. 


 Click the 'Explore' button to view the interactive map, or click here to view a full-screen version of this map.


New York Sections

East of the Hudson River

Connecticut Border to Fahnestock State Park

 Fahnestock State Park to the Hudson River

West of the Hudson River

Hudson River to Goose Pond Mountain State Park

Goose Pond Mountain State Park to Passaic County 511

New Jersey Sections

 Passaic County 511 to Route 23

 Route 23 to Route 181

 Route 181 to Route 206

 Route 206 to Mine Hill Road

 Mine Hill Road to Schooley's Mountain Park

 Schooley's Mountain Park to Voorhees State Park

 Voorhees State Park to Spruce Run Recreation Area

 Spruce Run Recreation Area to Route 173

 Route 173 to Dennis Road

 Dennis Road to the Delaware River



HT NY East of Hudson 1:Connecticut Border to Fahnestock SP

Content being developed.

Along the way the Highlands Trail passes though Wonder Lake State Park which has its own trail system.



HT Table of Contents

HT NY East of Hudson 2: Fahnestock to Hudson River

Content being developed.




HT Table of Contents

HT NY West of Hudson 1: Hudson River to Goose Pond Mountain State Park

No complete Highlands Trail map available at this time. See "West Hudson Trails" map in our map store. A map of Black Rock Forest is available at their web site. 

Goose Pond State Park HT map

Trail Section Alerts

Alert #1 10/19/20: Major HT reroute between Black Rock Forest and Schunemunk State Park:

Due to the closure of trails across Metro North RR at Schunemunk Mountain State Park and the resulting road walk which had grown to 4.6 miles to get to the new trail head, the Highlands Trail has been rerouted between Black Rock Forest and Schunemunk Mountain. This emergency (much shorter) road walk reroute was originally envisioned to be temporary. However, given the fact that there is the potential to eliminate most of the road walk in the new route by using protected land, this will most likely become the new, permanent HT route. As of 10/19/20, only critical turns on this road walk are blazed.

Alert #2 10/19/20: Black Rock Forest parking on Old Mineral Springs Road has been closed.

The often-ignored "no parking" signs near the Black Rock Forest trail head on Old Mineral Springs Road should now be taken seriously. The town of Cornwall has banned all unuathorized parking on the entire length of Old Mineral Springs Road, including to open area at the south end of the road where it comes out to Mineral Springs Road.

Organized hiking groups should contact Black Rock Forest in advance.

There is no entry to Black Rock Forest during deer-rifle season (mid-November through early December).

Trail Section Description 

Length: 29.5 miles                                                                         

Click on the  icon in the text below for photos.

The Highlands Trail starts at the bottom of Dock Hill Road at the CSX RR crossing by the Hudson River in Cornwall, NY. Hudson River at Cornwall, NY Parking in this area is available to Cornwall residents only, and is strictly enforced. Follow the blazes uphill on Dock Hill Road .3 miles, turn at first left on Dock Hill Ave. for .1 mile, and come to Route 218 (Bayview Ave). The trail head is across Bayview Ave from the intersection.

At .7 miles, reach a hiker parking lot, where parking is available. Follow the trail along fields, up Storm King Mountain along a stream, and past some view points to a junction with the yellow-blazed Stillman Trail at 1.4 miles. Proceed along the co-aligned the Stillman (yellow) and Highlands Trails over Storm King Mountain,         then back down the mountain  to a driveway that leads out to a left turn on Mountain Road at 4.4 miles.  

After a short distance turn left off of Mountain Road and pass through a tunnel under US 9W. Walk to the Black Rock Forest parking lot on Reservoir Road at 4.8 miles. Turn left uphill across the street from the parking area, still on the co-aligned Stillman and Highlands Trails. Pass the Upper Reservoir, Upper Reservoir climb over steep Mount Misery and Black Rock. View from Black Rock

At 9.1 miles reach a junction where the Stillman Trail and the northbound Compartment Trail (blue) go off to the right, and the co-aligned southbound Compartment Trail and Highlands Trail continue straight ahead. In another 0.6 miles the Compartment Trail ends at a 'Y' junction with Jim's Pond Road. The Arthur Trail (yellow) begins here and follows Jim's Pond road to the left.

Turn left onto Jim's Pond road. Stay on the road when the yellow blazes leave the road to the left. After another 0.1 mile (9.6 miles from the start) turn right following the co-aligned Scenic (white) and Highlands Trails. Continue mostly downhill, passing a waterfall Waterfall and shortly reaching Old Mineral Springs Road. Bear right on Old Mineral Springs Road and follow it about 500 feet down to Old Mineral Springs Road at 11.7 miles. 

***New 10/19/20*** Turn left on Old Mineral Springs Road and follow it for .3 miles out to Mineral Springs Road. Bear left on Mineral Springs Road and follow it for 1.2 miles to Trout Brook Road. Turn right on Trout Brook Road and follow it .8 miles to Route 32. Turn left on Route 32 and follow it .7 miles to where the Long Path crosses Rt. 32 just before the overhead RR trestle at 14.7 miles. Turn right on the Long Path and follow it for 2.6 miles up Schunemunk Mountain, reaching the junction with the yellow-blazed Jessup Trail at 17.3 miles. Turn left at the junction. 

NOTE: As of 10/19/20 the yellow blazes of the Jessup Trail were being painted over with green Long Path blazes. 

Follow the co-aligned Jessup, Highlands Trail, Long Path for 3.7 miles along and down the ridge of Schunemunk Mountain to the closed portion of Seven Springs Road at Gonzaga Park, where parking is available at 21 miles.

Follow the co-aligned Highlands Trail and Long Path .2 miles down to a gate at Mountain Road. Cross Mountain Road and continue on Seven Springs Road for .4 miles, turning right off the road in a residential area. Proceed through the woods and up and over a ridge on the co-aligned Highlands Trail / Long Path, cross NY 208 and follow the shore of Orange-Rockland Lake to Museum Village Road. Turn left on Museum Village Road and follow it across NY 17. Turn left, reaching a commuter parking lot at 22.3 miles.

Turn sharply right onto the Orange Heritage Trail, formerly the Erie Railroad mainline, and proceed for a mile, crossing back under NY 17. Turn right off of the Orange Heritage Trail on the Highlands Trail (the Long Path continues straight) after a small cemetery on your right and just before a bridge and go down the embankment to the road. Make a left under the bridge onto Craigville Road (County 51), following it to NY 17M at 25 miles. After a quick jog across 17M, turn right onto Lazy Hill Road, an abandoned, formerly paved road and enter Goose Pond Mountain State Park. HT on Lazy Hill Road View of Goose Pond Mountain  Turn left off of Lazy Hill Road in 1.7 miles *** and follow a narrow trail out to Bull Mill Road at 28.5 miles. Cross Bull Mill Road, go over a hill with a view of Sugarloaf Mountain, and come out to a trail parking lot at 29.5 miles.

***A teal diamond with black center blazed trail continues for .5 miles on Lazy Hill Road to limited trail parking on Laroe Road. 


HT Guide Table of Contents

HT NY West of Hudson 2: Goose Pond Mountain State Park to Passaic County 511

No Highlands Trail map available at this time. See "Sterling Forest Trails" in our map store. 

Trail Section Description

Length: 18.3 miles          

Click on the Camera Icon icon in the text for photos.

Leaving Goose Pond Mountain State Park, turn left onto Bull Mill Road for a short distance, then left onto Laroe Road and follow it for .4 miles to Trout Brook Road. Turn right on Trout Brook Road and follow it for .7 miles to a sharp left bend where it becomes Camp Monroe Road. Follow this for .3 miles to Lakes Road (CR 5). Turn right onto Lakes Road, and follow it for 1.7 miles to where the Appalachian Trail (white) crosses the road 32 miles from Cornwall. Parking is available at this spot. 

There are no Highlands Trail blazes along the Appalachian Trail, from Lakes Road to Mombasha High Point.

Turn left to follow the northbound Appalachian Trail (white) for 1.5 miles, past Fitzgerald Falls Fitzgerald Falls to the junction with the Allis Trail at 5.6 miles, just before Mombasha High Point. Turn right onto the co-aligned Allis (blue) and Highlands Trails, View from Allis Trail following them to NY 17A at 9.7 miles. Parking is available here.

Cross 17A and continue on the co-aligned Sterling Ridge (blue on white) and Highlands Trails for 8.6 miles, passing the Sterling Fire Tower, Sterling Fire Tower View from Sterling Fire Tower  crossing into New Jersey Border crossing and coming to the junction of East Shore Road and County 511 (Greenwood Lake Turnpike) at 18.3 miles, where there is parking.


HT Guide Table of Contents

HT NJ 1: Passaic County 511 to Route 23

HTNJ10 NY Rt 17 to NJ Rt 511 Map

HTNJ9 Rt 511 to Rt 513 Map

HTNJ8 Rt 513 to Holland Mtn Rd Map

HT Long Pond / Norvin Green Map

HT Norvin Green State Forest Map

HT Pequannock Watershed Map

Parking Alert

The large parking area for access to the Highlands Trail and Sterling Ridge Trail on Rt 511 Greenwood Lake Turnpike is seasonally closed due to illegal swimming at the "mine hole." Officially, it is closed May - September. However, as of October 2022 it was still closed, with parking ticket warnings.  

Trail Section Alerts

ALERT 6/4/23: The Highlands Trail in the Pequannock Watershed has been reopened between Macopin Road and Gould Road. 

Note: A hiking permit is needed to hike in the Newark Watershed, which the Highlands Trail traverses between Algonquin Way and Rock Lodge Road. Obtain a permit by calling (973) 697-1724 or go straight to the Newark Watershed Permit page.

Hunting Note: Some of the Highlands Trail on the watershed property experiences closures due to hunting seasons.

ALERT 2/17/22: The blazes along Gould Road and a portion of the HT in the woods along Gould Road may be scraped and/or painted out due to repeated vandalism. A report has been made to the Newark Watershed police.

Trail Section Description

Length: 33.4 miles                      

Click on the  icons in the text below for photos.

Going south from Route 511, follow the trail over a small hill and come to the abandoned Erie RR Greenwood Lake Branch. Turn left on the elevated RR bed. Continue straight across a weedy area where the RR bed was removed for a gas pipeline crossing, then shortly turn right off of the RR bed and follow the trail up and over Horse Pond MountainView of Monksville Reservoir from Horse Pond Mountain for 3.0 miles to a junction with the Stonetown Circular Trail (red) and a teal diamond with black center HT Connector Trail, which leads down to Lake Riconda Drive. Turn left onto the co-aligned Stonetown Circular and Highlands Trails, descending to Stonetown Road near the Monksville Reservoir at 5.1 miles. Cross Stonetown Road, re-enter the woods, and reach a junction with the Highlands Trail Connector Trail (black diamond on teal diamond) at 6.4 miles. Note: The 0.2-mile Highlands Trail Connector Trail leads out to White Road, where parking is available. Continuing on the co-aligned Stonetown Circular and Highlands Trails, cross Board, View from Board Mountain Bear, and Windbeam View from Windbeam Mountain mountains. On the way down Windbeam Mountain, leave the Stonetown Circular Trail and turn left on the Highlands Trail, reaching Stonetown Road again at 9.9 miles.

Turn left onto Stonetown Road, bear right onto West Brook Road, and in a short distance turn left into the woods, reaching Townsend Road near the corner of West Brook Road at 10.4 miles. Turn left on Townsend Road, and in 385 feet turn right up into the woods across from the first house on the left. Proceed mostly uphill, crossing Ball Mountain on many bare, rocky areas and passing the trail head of the Roomy Mine Trail (orange) before descending to a junction with the Mine (yellow on white circle) and Wyanokie Circular (red on white circle) trails at 11.7 miles. Turn left on the three co-aligned trails. On the left is the flooded shaft of Blue Mine, and on the right is a bridge across Blue Mine Brook. Turn right and cross the bridge on the three co-aligned trails. At 11.9 miles the Mine Trail leaves to the right. At 12.0 miles, the Lower Trail (white) begins on the left. Continue on the co-aligned Highlands and Wyanokie Circular trails up to the top of Wyanokie High Point View of Windbeam Mountain from Wyanokie High Point at 12.7 miles. Follow the trail a short distance down a steep, rocky trail to a junction with the Hewitt-Butler Trail (blue). Turn left onto the three co-aligned trails for 0.2 mile, where the Wyanokie Circular Trail splits off the right. After 0.5 mile, the Carris Hill View of Wyanokie High Point and Windbeam Mountain from Carris Hill Trail (yellow) starts off to the left. Proceed on the co-aligned Hewitt-Butler and Highlands Trails to the Post Brook Trail (white), which starts off to the left as the joint trails turn right at 14.2 miles.

In 0.3 mile, the Wyanokie Crest Trail (yellow) comes in from the left and joins the Highlands and Hewitt-Butler Trails for 0.1 mile before leaving to the right. In another 0.5 mile, near the Otter Hole, the Hewitt-Butler Trail turns left. Turn right onto the co-aligned Otter Hole (green) and Highlands Trails, reaching the junction with the Wyanokie Crest Trail (yellow) after 0.4 mile. Turn left onto the co-aligned Wyanokie Crest and Highlands Trails, climbing Buck Mountain. After 0.5 mile, turn left off the Wyanokie Crest Trail proceed down to Otter Hole Road at 16.4 miles.

Turn right onto Otter Hole Road and follow it for 0.2 mile, then turn left onto Crescent Road. Turn right at a 'T' and follow Newton Road to Algonquin Way, at the end of which reenter the woods at 17.1 miles. After about 1.1 miles, you will be on Newark Watershed property, reaching Macopin Road after another 0.8 mile. Turn right on Macopin for a short distance, then left off the road. After another 0.2 mile of hiking trail, follow woods roads for 0.6 mile to the remains of an old hotel on the right. Continue down the hill for 0.3 mile to Echo Lake. Turn left and proceed along the lake, emerging on Echo Lake Road. Turn right, reaching the Newark Watershed office, with parking, at 21.5 miles.

Follow the road from the parking lot down to Echo Lake and across the dam. Follow the west shore of Echo Lake Echo Lake Reservoir north and then ascend a hill to Kanouse Road at 23.7 miles. Turn right on Kanouse Road for a short distance, then left into the woods. Turn left onto Gould Road at 24.7 miles. and in 0.2 mile turn right off of Gould Road into the woods onto a trail that closely follows Gould and Union Valley Roads. Cross Union Valley Road at the power lines, then turn left back into the woods and continue on a trail paralleling the road. At 25.5 miles, turn left, heading away from the road. Ascending ridges, HT on a ridge below the fire tower cross the Hanks East and Hanks West Trails, reaching the Bearfort Ridge fire tower Bearfort Ridge fire tower at 26.7 miles.

From the fire tower, follow the co-aligned Fire Tower West (yellow) and Highlands Trails south for 0.9 mile. Turn right onto the co-aligned Two Brooks (white) and Highlands Trails, reaching Clinton Road at 28.6 miles. Turn left onto Clinton Road for a short distance, cross a bridge, then turn right off of the road into parking area P4. From here, follow the co-aligned Clinton West (white) and Highlands Trails. After passing through a wet area, then left uphill on an old abandoned oil pipeline.

In 0.2 mile, the Clinton West Trail (formerly the HT route) turns left. The HT continues on the old pipeline down into a ravine and steeply back up for another 0.2 mile until you reach the junction of the yellow-blazed Bearfort Waters/Clinton (BWC) Trail. BWC/HT 1 Bearfort Ridge fire tower Bearfort Ridge fire tower Bearfort Ridge fire tower Bearfort Ridge fire tower

Turn left on the co-aligned BWC/HT Trails along a ridge top. In 0.6 mile, pass below a very large erratic rock. Caution: Blazes are sparse in this ATV traffic area. In either direction, the trail goes straight across the open area below the large erratic rock. There are rattlesnakes in this area – particularly on the shelf below where the trail passes.

Cross a stream and proceed downhill to where Buckabear Pond meets the Clinton Reservoir, passing a Beaver dam on your left (formerly the Clinton West/HT Trails) at 30.5 miles. Turn right, and follow a dirt road along the Clinton Reservoir on the BWC/HT (formerly the white-blazed Clinton West/HT) for 0.8 mile to where the HT turns right, leaving the dirt road and the BWC at 31.3 miles. 

In the next 2.1 miles, you will cross two woods roads and some well-preserved stone walls old stone walls to reach Dunker Pond. Dunker Pond Follow the stream out of Dunker Pond a short distance,  then turn right and cross the stream on a footbridge built in 2021 by the West Jersey Trail Crew.   Dunker Pond After following some ATV tracks, turn left up a hill. After traversing the relatively level top, descend Descending to Rt 23 to Route 23 at Canistear Road, 33.4 miles from Route 511, where parking is available.

HT Guide Table of Contents

HT NJ 2: Route 23 to Route 181

HTNJ7 Holland Mtn Rd to Rt 15 Map

Kittatinny Valley State Park Mt Paul Area Map

Mahlon Dickerson Reservation Map updated 11/18/19

For a more complete map, see "Jersey Highlands Trails"  in our map store.

Trail Section Alerts

Alert #1: A permit is needed to hike in Newark's Pequannock Watershed and the Highlands Trail traverses the southwest portion of the Watershed land for the first 5 miles of this section. Obtain a permit and details on restrictions by calling (973) 697-1724, or visit www.newarknj.gov/card/recreational-permit.

Hunting Note: Some of the Highlands Trail on the watershed property experiences closures during hunting seasons.

Alert #2: The section through Camp Jefferson is closed weekdays while camp is in session between 9am and 3pm in June, July and August. Hiking this section is prohibited during these times, so please plan your hike accordingly.

ALERT #3: Under the direction of MCPC, the trail has been rerouted in Mahlon Dickerson Reservation. See the MAP of the reroute.

ALERT #4: The trail has been rerouted between Camp Jefferson and Route 181. See the MAP of the reroute.

Trail Section Description

Length: 16.5 miles                     

Click on the  icons in the text below for photos.

Cross Route 23 at the light at Canistear Road, turn left and follow Route 23 until it crosses the Pequannock River at 0.3 mile. Turn right into the woods, ascend a ridge,HT ascending the ridge and continue to a view of Oak Ridge Reservoir at 1.9 miles.HT viewpoint above Oak Ridge Reservoir From here turn west, crossing two ridges and several woods roads, reaching Holland Mountain Road at 3.8 miles. Continuing west across the road, following narrow paths and woods roads, crossing two streams, and reaching Rock Lodge Road at 4.6 miles. Cross Rock Lodge Road and continue over a hill, turn left onto a woods road, and reach Rock Lodge Road again, where you leave the Newark Watershed property (5.0 miles).

Turn right onto Rock Lodge Road. At 5.2 miles, Fall Drive bears off to the right. At 5.3 miles, the pavement ends. This blazed dirt road forks several times. In some areas, it's difficult to blaze at the forks. When in doubt, take the straightest route. At 6.5 miles, just before a wetlands area, turn left off Rock Lodge Road into the Sparta Mountain Wildlife Management Area. Following woods roads and narrow paths, HT descending to Ryker Lake pass Ryker Lake and cross Russia Brook at 7.8 miles, emerging on Ridge Road at 7.9 miles.

Cross Ridge Road and enter the former Missionary of Mt Paul (now state land) where limited parking is available. Turn right under the power lines and after about 200 feet turn left into the woods. Go over two hills, Fern-filled valley between the hills meeting a woods road at 9.1 miles. Turn right onto the woods road and almost immediately left onto another woods road, then right onto a faint woods road at 9.3 miles. At 9.6 miles turn left, reaching Sparta Mountain Road at 10.0 miles.

The next section of the Highlands Trail traverses Mahlon Dickerson Reservation and is managed by the Morris County Parks Commission. Cross Sparta Mountain Road and almost immediately reach the junction with the Pine Swamp Trail (white). Follow the co-aligned Pine Swamp and Highlands Trails to the left, reaching the north parking area at 11.5 miles. Cross Weldon Road at 11.6 miles, reaching Headley Overlook View from Headly Overlook with a view toward the south, including Lake Hopatcong, at 11.9 miles. After passing a second overlook, turn right on the co-aligned yellow-blazed woods road and continue to Saffin Pond at 13.5 miles.

Cross the new dam, with Saffin Pond on your right. Turn left onto the old Ogden Mine Railroad bed. HT on Ogden Mine Railroad bed After .4 miles, bear right off the railroad, crossing Weldon Road at 13.9 miles. Continue past a gate, and quickly come to a junction of woods roads. To the left is Winona Trail, a woods road blazed by teal diamonds with black centers. This meets up with and ends at the main HT route and can be used as a short cut. To the right is the main route, which also follows a woods road at this point. Follow this to a power line right-of-way at 14.4 miles where the woods road ends. Go under a tower, then bear slightly to the left to enter the woods on a narrow footpath. Pass near Route 15, then turn away from it, crossing the power line again and reaching Winona Trail again at 14.9 miles.

Cross Winona Trail and ascend a low ridge 0.5 mile to a different set of power lines at the top of the ridge.

Note: At this point, you are leaving Mahlon Dickerson property and entering Jefferson Township Camp Jefferson property. The section through Camp Jefferson is closed weekdays while camp is in session between 9am and 3pm in June, July and August. Hiking this section is prohibited during these times.

Go under a power line tower, re-enter the woods and quickly come to a junction with the Lower Trail (blue) on your left.  At this point, Camp Jefferson’s Upper Trail (yellow) joins the HT. Continue on the co-aligned trails, passing the Middle Trail (orange) on your left along the way. Pass the other end of the Lower Trail (blue) on your left, then turn left on a woods road and drop down to Camp Jefferson. Walk out to the parking lot, reaching Weldon Road 0.9 mile from Winona Trail and 15.8 miles from Route 23.

There is no trail connection between Camp Jefferson and the next trailhead. A 3-mile road walk is blazed. The first 0.7 mile of this road walk is described here, and the rest is described in the next section's description.  Turn right on Weldon Road, cross over Route 15 on an overpass, and reach Route 181 at 0.7 mile, and 16.5 miles from Route 23. 

HT Guide Table of Contents

HT NJ 3: Route 181 to Route 206

HTNJ6 Rt 15 to Rt 206 Map


Trail Section Notes and Alerts

1) ALERT: The Highlands Trail between Camp Jefferson and the Eve's Mountain Inlet Connector has been rerouted. See MAP

2) Note: The Highlands Trail sections in this description pass through some private lands. All areas off of the trail are restricted, and hiking off-trail constitutes trespass. Hudson Farm is a private estate. Please respect privacy of the owners, who have graciously allowed the Highlands Trail to cross their land. This property IS patrolled and monitored by trail cams.

3) Note: Aladdin Trail is a quiet residential street. Please respect the privacy of the residents and walk quietly through this area. No blazes have been painted along this street. Parking on or along Aladdin Trail, even at the trailhead, is strictly forbidden. At the beginning of the road is an illegal (it is against town ordinance to harass or impede someone walking on a public road) "no hikers" sign and at the end of Aladdin Trail is a Hudson Farm gate. This is due to problems with people illegally swimming in Bear Pond. HT hikers are allowed to HIKE this area, but again please respect the landowners who have allowed the HT to cross their property and just quietly hike without leaving the trail for any reason.  

4) ALERT: As of 10/20/20 a chain link fence with a gate has been installed at the end of Aladdin Trail. This is due to problems with people partying and painting graffiti along Bear Pond in Hudson Farm (private lands the HT passes through.) Hikers are allowed to open the gate and continue hiking. Please close the gate behind you. At this time, there's no signage on the gate indicating to hikers that they are allowed to pass. 

Trail Section Description

Length: 12.4 miles                                

Click on the  icon in the text below for photos.

From Weldon Road, turn right onto Route 181 for 1.4 miles, reaching Prospect Point Road on your left shortly after passing Lake Hopatcong on the left. Turn left onto Prospect Point Road and follow it for .9 mile to the trail head of the co-aligned Highlands Trail / Lake Hopatcong Trail (HT/LHT)  on the right. Hike mostly uphill to where you turn left onto the original route. (The old, abandoned route is to the right and followed/crossed the power lines out to Route 181 and was unmanageable. It quickly became impassable shortly after abandonment). At 3.6 miles, turn right, shortly crossing a small stream. A faint woods road joins from the left. At 3.7 miles, turn left and ascend a rocky hill with sparse oak cover. At 3.9 miles, there is a limited view to the south. Turn right and descend with a vertical rock face on the right to a mixed hardwood forest, reaching a woods road designated "Eves Mountain Road" at 4 miles.

A convenient terminus with parking may be reached by turning left on the teal diamond with black center blazed Eves Mountain Connector.  The road forks immediately, but the two forks soon rejoin. At 0.15 miles from the junction with the HT/LHT, bear left where there is an exposed rock surface on the right. At 0.27 miles turn left where the Hopatcong nature trail, with yellow blazes, joins from the right. Cross a footbridge, and avoid a trail and a fainter woods road diverging to the left. At 0.41 miles, a bypass with a bridge takes you around a wet area. Continue past the start of a gravel surface, and two driveways joining from the left, to Roland May Eves Mountain Inlet Sanctuary on Northwood Road, where there is parking (.56 miles from the Highlands Trail). =======================================================================

Continuing on the HT/LHT, pass through patches of mountain laurel and over small hills. At 4.7 miles, enter the private property of the Hudson Farm. From this point to the Hopatcong Preserve, the HT/LHT is on Hudson Farm property. Please stay on the trail  and respect the property owners, who have graciously allowed the trail  to pass through their property. They consider anything off of the trail as trespassing, and this property is patrolled and has surveillance cameras. You are welcome to enjoy your hike, just please obey the rules. At 5.2 miles, reach an old woods road and an old water pump. Turn left and go down to Bear Pond, Bear Pond then follow the trail to the right as it follows the shoreline of Bear Pond,  passing over a spillway, a dam  and along a woods road, reaching paved Aladdin Trail at 6.2 miles. ***See notes on Aladdin Trail in the Trail Section Alerts section above ***

Follow Aladdin Trail 0.2 mile out to Route 607. Turn left onto Route 607 and follow it for 0.3 mile to a right turn on a woods road into Hudson Farm property. Quickly turn right off of the woods road onto a narrow trail, crossing over small hills and coming to a dirt road at 7.2 miles. Parking is available along Route 605 a short distance down the dirt road to the right. Cross the dirt road, leaving Hudson Farm property and entering the Hopatcong Preserve. Follow the trail along the ridge above Route 605,     eventually turning away from the road before passing under power lines. Follow mostly woods roads before coming to a junction where the Lake Hopatcong Trail turns left and the Highlands Trail turns right. Follow the HT out to Route 605 at 10 miles. Turn left on Route 605 and go 0.1 mile to a right turn at the Byram Bike Trail. Follow the bike trail 1 mile, reaching a gate and the Byram Township Intermediate School on Mansfield Drive, where there is parking at 11.1 miles. Turn right on Mansfield Drive and go 0.4 mile out to Route 607 Lackawanna Drive. Turn left on Route 607 and go 0.9 mile out to Route 206 at 12.4 miles.  



HT Guide Table of Contents

HT NJ 4: Route 206 to Mine Hill Road

HTNJ5 Rt 206 to Rt 46 Map

HT Stephens / Allamuchy Map

For full map of the area, see "Jersey Highlands Trails" in our map store.

Trail Section Alerts

ALERT: August 2019: The Highlands Trail has been partially rerouted to eliminate the Waterloo Road road walk portion. See the map of the reroute

Trail Section Description

Length: 12.1 miles                

Click on the  icons in the text below for photos.

From U.S. 206 opposite the shopping center north of Lackawanna Drive, proceed along Hi Glen Drive about 300 feet. Turn left on Francis Terrace, then follow it to the right as it becomes Drexel Drive. Bear right after a sign saying "Norman Terrace", reaching a parking area at 0.2 mile. Enter a gravel bike path, cross a bridge, and then turn right into the woods, crossing well-preserved rock walls and small rocky ridges. At 1.2 miles, enter the northern fringe of a mining area with many large rocks, and some tailings and pits. At 1.5 miles, cross a stream on a bridge and continue to the Sussex Branch Trail (formerly DL&W RR Sussex Branch) at 1.6 miles.

Turn left onto the Sussex Branch Trail for about 100 feet, then bear right onto a narrow, raised level trail. Here you are walking on a fragment of the Sussex Mine Railroad, which pre-dated the Sussex Branch of the DL&W RR. Mules once pulled iron ore carts along this narrow-gage RR. After 100 feet, turn right onto a narrow footpath and ascend a hill. At 1.9 miles cross a dirt road. Skirt a large depression, and continue to a multiple-use trail at 2.5 miles. Turn left onto this trail and follow it for 0.1 mile, then turn right, crossing a dirt road in about 250 feet. Cross a stream, skirt a wetland on the right, and continue to a multi-use trail at the top of an ascent, at 3.3 miles.

Continue straight ahead. Old white blazes appear on this section along with the Highlands Trail blazes.  At 3.5 miles, turn left, leaving the white blazes which bear right. Descend about 200 feet to a lookout, HT viewpoint Allamuchy where you can see Waterloo Lake and the Musconetcong River. To the left is the International Trade Center; to the right the Pohatcong and Jenny Jump ridges are visible. Make a sharp right, and continue along the face of the mountain, descending to Waterloo Road at 4.4 miles, where there is parking.

Cross Waterloo Road and follow the blazes across several fields and down to the Musconetcong River. Turn right and pass under Interstate 80 where the highway crosses the river. Pass through a scrubby area and come out to the Morris Canal tow path. Follow the tow path out to Waterloo Road.

Turn left on Waterloo Road (the road has obliterated the tow path here) and in 300 feet, bear left off of the road onto the Morris Canal Towpath again. HT on Morris Canal tow path Parking is available in this area. In this section, the Musconetcong River is on your left, and the old canal bed on your right. Cross Kinny Road at 5.6 miles. At 6.1 miles, turn right off the towpath about a hundred feet to Waterloo Road. Turn left onto Waterloo Road. At 6.2 miles there is parking. Across the street from the parking, turn right off of Waterloo Road onto the co-aligned Waterloo South (green) / Highlands Trail.  Follow the trail uphill to turn left at the junction of the the co-aligned Deer Path (white) / Highlands Trail at 6.6 miles. At 7.1 miles, the Lake View (blue) Trail joins the white/HT trail. After passing Deer Park Pond  and crossing a small bridge on a dam, the blue trail turns right at 7.2 miles. Bear left on the white/HT  and follow it uphill away from the pond  to where the white trail turns right and the Highlands Trail turns left onto what becomes an old dirt road at 8 miles. Follow the HT blazed dirt road down to Waterloo Road at 8.3 miles. Turn right on Waterloo Road and at 8.4 miles, turn left off Waterloo Road onto Sunrise Parkway - a small residential street. Make the first right onto Colony Road. NOTE: At the time of this writing, there were no street signs on these roads. Follow Colony Road back out to Waterloo Road, reaching the Saxon Falls historic area at 9.1 miles. After walking past the restored lock and through the parking area, cross Waterloo Road and turn right off the road, then a quick left onto the Morris Canal towpath. Turn left off of the towpath just before a house, and turn right again onto Waterloo Road. At 9.7 miles,cross the New Jersey Transit Hackettstown railroad line. At 9.8 miles, turn left onto Waterloo Valley Road. Cross the bridge, and turn right into Stephens State Park, where there is parking. Camping is available at Stephens State Park.  Stephens State Park campgroung

Follow the co-aligned Highlands Trail and Patriots Path past a little island, then bear right on the co-aligned Highlands Trail/Patriots Path/red trail. After a short distance, turn left and go up a few steps to the Highlands/yellow trail and turn right. Follow the Highlands/yellow trail out to a second parking lot at 10.3 miles. Pass a small ranger station and a gate, then follow the park road to where the pavement ends at 10.8 miles. Continue through the picnic area, then continue on a narrow trail along the river PP/HT along Musconetcong River  to a "Y" at 11.4 miles. Bear left and angle up the hill along an old road. PP/HT along old Stephens Park Road Turn left off of the old road and up through a series of switchbacks, reaching a level area at 11.9 miles. Cross a faint woods road, then come out to Mine Hill Road at 12.1 miles.

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HT NJ 5: Mine Hill Road to Schooley's Mountain Park

HTNJ4 Rt 46 to Rt 513 Califon Map             

NOTE: The above map shows the future route of the HT between Stephens State Park and Reservoir Road on the Patriots' Path. The planned route was, and to some degree still is, in flux when the maps were made, and we had to make a decision on what route we would most likely use. The current blazed trail is still blazed as described below. 

Trail Section Alerts


Trail Section Description

Length: 8.1 miles    Updated 7/14/15        Click on the  icon in the text below for photos.

Turn left uphill on Mine Hill Road (the Patriots’ Path Blazes turn right), pass a gate at 0.2 miles, and come to Stephens Park Road at .9 miles. Turn right on Stephens Park Road and go .6 mile to a right turn onto Sand Shore Road at 1.5 miles. Cross Route 46 at the light in 1/2 mile (2 miles from Stephens), and continue straight ahead, now on Naughright Road. Follow Naughright Road .8 miles to a right turn on Mission Road. Follow Mission Road for 1.4 miles to a stop sign at the corner of Mission, Reservoir, and Spring Roads, 4.2 miles from Stephens State Park. Across Reservoir Road you will see a Patriots’ Path (PP) post near where the trail resumes.

Follow the co-aligned Patriots’ Path (white) and Highlands Trail into the woods. Cross under power lines and continue uphill over wide switchbacks through woods PP/HT on hillside in Morris County Parks land and along what may be an old dam. PP/HT up on berm  At 1.2 miles from Reservoir Road 5.4 miles from Stephens you will come out in a neighborhood at the end of Sparrow Lane where you will see a PP post with directions for a short road walk. PP/HT directions Follow Sparrow Lane .1 mile to the end and turn left uphill on Winay Terrace. Follow Winay Terrace .1 mile to the first right on Quail Run. Go about 100 feet on Quail Run to a left turn back onto the trail, which follows the power lines. Still under the power lines, cross straight over Hunter Road and shortly turn right off of the power line corridor. Pass through some brambly woods, come out to the edge of a school field, and follow the edge of the field out to Flocktown Road. You are now 2.2 miles from Reservoir Road and 6.4 miles from Stephens State Park. Here the Patriots’ Path route continues straight across a yard and through a narrow strip of woods between houses, but currently the HT follows a short, .5 mile road walk.

Turn left onto Flocktown Road, then turn at the first right in about 100 feet onto Partridge Lane. Follow this down to the end of the road and cross over a low hill that has been planted with Blue Spruce trees into Harrington Park – a large park with sports fields. Turn left and follow the park entrance road out to Rock Road. Across Rock Road you will see a PP post, and the white blazes resume. Follow the trail .7 miles through level woods, mostly following pretty flowing streams. PP/HT along streams The trail crosses wet areas on planks PP/HT on planks and crosses the streams several times – sometimes on bridges and sometimes without bridges. You will come out to a small parking area on East Springtown Road 3.5 miles from Reservoir Road and 7.7 miles from Stephens State Park.

Turn left across a small bridge on E Springtown Road, and then quickly turn right. The trail into Schooley’s Mountain Park begins on the right side of the road behind a small pump house. Follow the trail through fields, past the lower and upper parking lots, and the bathrooms, re-entering the woods 8.1 miles from Stephens State Park.

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HT NJ 6: Schooley's Mountain Park to Voorhees State Park

HTNJ3 Rt 513 to Rt 31 Map

Schooley's Mountain County Park Map

Trail Section Alerts

Alert: Blazes between the Columbia Rail Trail and Route 513 may be painted out, due to recurrent vandalism - although this seems to have stopped. Evidence of previous vandalism is still visible. Please let us know if you see any new stretches of trail with blazes scraped or painted out. 

Trail Section Description

Length: 12.2 miles                 

Click on the  icons in the text below for photos.

From the parking lot at Schooley's Mountain County Park, follow the co-aligned Patriots' Path (white) and Highlands Trail mostly downhill and past a viewpoint at an old quarry. PP/HT view point Huge cut stones are visible below the viewpoint. Continue downhill to Fairview Avenue, at 1.1 miles, where parking is available. Cross Fairview Avenue, pass through the parking area and a field, and turn right onto the Columbia Rail Trail (Morris County portion), formerly the High Bridge Branch of the Central Railroad of New Jersey. Cross Schooley's Mountain Road (Old Route 24), where parking is available, at 1.8 miles. Continue to follow the Columbia Rail Trail south from Schooley's Mountain Road in Long Valley. At 4.0 miles from Long Valley, cross Route 513, where parking is available.

Continue on the Columbia Rail Trail (Hunterdon County portion) to Califon at 8.1 miles, where parking is available. Stay on the rail trail, crossing the Raritan River on a former railroad trestle at 10.6 miles. At 10.8 miles, turn sharply right and ascend the west side of the gorge on three switchbacks, the middle one being quite long. The ascent becomes more gentle at 10.9 miles. Continue through saplings and past stone walls, turning right onto an overgrown woods road at 11.2 miles. Turn left off the woods road at 11.3 miles, shortly reaching a dirt driveway. Follow the driveway right to Route 513 at 11.6 miles. Turn left, reaching the Voorhees State Park entrance at 12.2 miles, where parking is available..


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HT NJ 7: Voorhees State Park to Spruce Run Recreation Area

HTNJ2 Rt 31 to Rt 579 Map

HT Hunterdon County Overview Map 2

Voorhees State Park Map

Union Furnace Preserve Map

Spruce Run Recreation Area Map

Length: 5.1 miles           Click on the  icons in the text below for photos.               

Turn right off of Route 513 behind a guard rail and just past a house. Enter Voorhees State Park in a grassy area, pass an old barn and a picnic area and follow the blazes onto the co-aligned, green-blazed Tanglewood Trail. Come out to a playground at 0.5 miles. Parking, as well as bathroom facilities are available here. Skirt the playground, cross the park road and enter the co-aligned HT and white-blazed Cross Park Trail on a wooden bridge, reaching the Brookside Trail after about 250 feet. Jog right slightly, then continue on the HT/Cross Park, crossing stone walls and winding through black raspberry patches. At 1.5 miles, turn right and parallel a power line for about 250 feet, then turn left and cross the  power lines before re-entering the woods. Continue downhill to Observatory Road, where there is parking, at 1.7 miles.

Turn left onto Observatory Road for about 100 feet, then make a right onto the co-aligned pink-blazed Vista and Highlands Trails. After another 0.2 mile, the Highlands Trail turns right, while the pink-blazed Vista Trail continues straight. Continue downhill to Poplar Lane at 2.0 miles, turn right, and reach Buffalo Hollow Road at 2.3 miles. Make a sharp left onto Buffalo Hollow Road and follow it out to NJ 31 at 2.8 miles. Turn left and proceed about 0.2 miles to the traffic light at the junction with Van Syckel's Road. Turn right across route 31, and follow Van Syckel's Road about 0.1 mile to the entrance of Union Furnace Preserve , 3.1 miles from route 513. 

Turn right into Union Furnace, then left. Ascend the embankment of an old mill race  and go right along the top of the embankment for about a tenth of a mile. Turn left and cross the bottom of the mill race. Proceed up the hill,   then descend  to emerge on a cul-de-sac called Serpentine Drive at 3.9 miles. Follow Serpentine Drive 0.3 miles down to Van Syckel's Road. There are no utility poles and therefore no blazes on this road walk.

At Van Syckel's Road, turn left, then bear right into a parking area. Proceed to the water and make a sharp right into Spruce Run Recreation Area. Pass through a maple forest, traverse a meadow and come into to a pine plantation. Turn right in the pine plantation and eventually come out to the boat launch road.

Turn right onto the boat launch road for a quarter mile, then turn left towards the group picnic area. From here, the HT follows a series of roads and paved paths as it tours the park facilities. Although the blazes are up along the road as a guide, there is ample opportunity for a pleasant walk away from and parallel to the road along the water's edge on cut grass. The trail passes right through the public beach/food stand area  and eventually comes out to the Spruce Run headquarters. 

Campground facilities are available at Spruce Run Recreation Area from April to October.


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HT NJ 8: Spruce Run Recreation Area to Route 173

HTNJ2 Rt 31 to Rt 579 Map

HT Hunterdon County Overview Map 2

Spruce Run Recreation Area MAP

Tower Hill Reserve Map

Jugtown Mountain Preserve Map

Length: 7.6 miles                      Click on the  icons in the text below for photos.               

From Spruce Run Headquarters, proceed to the Spruce Run entrance on Van Syckel's Road. Turn left and follow Van Syckel's Road for about 400 feet. Turn right onto a gated gravel road, which takes you into Clinton Wildlife Management Area. After a short distance, turn left off of the gravel road and walk along the edge of the fields, parelleling Van Syckel's Road.

ALERT: The paths along the fields in Clinton Wildlife Management Area are cut in late summer / early fall. We are not permitted to do any cutting between May 15 and July 15. Between May and July, these paths become quite overgrown. Weed growth may be chest-high and stickers may be mixed in. It may be prudent to either skip the CWMA section during the summer, or to simply walk Van Syckel's Road. 

Turn left and proceed back down through the fields to another gate at Van Syckel's road. Turn right on Van Syckel's Road and follow it .6 miles to turn left off of the road at a gate just before the "Dog Training Area". Follow woods roads  past old farm fields for .5 miles,  then enter a narrow trail through a Maple forest.  Proceed down hill to cross a stream, then turn left at the fields. In a short distance turn left again, and follow the trail through a narrow strip of woods between the fields, HT in hedgerow  reaching private Sleepy Hollow Farms Road 1.7 miles from Spruce Run. Cross directly over the road - this is a private road on private property - do not hang out here or walk down this road. After crossing the private road, turn right and follow a woods road for 450 feet to a left turn on a narrow trail. At the left turn, you will see a barn straight ahead on the woods road - do not trespass on this private property that is straight down the woods road. Follow the trail downhill, cross the swampy end of a lake, then up to another woods road. Turn left, and follow this woods road along the lake. The woods road emerges into more fields. Many paths diverge in this area. A blazed post has been added to guide the hiker. HT blaze post CWMA If in doubt, take the straightest route and you will find more blazes. Watching carefully for turn blazes at intersections, follow woods roads and trails cut along the edges of fields, HT along fields reaching Van Syckel's Road again near the intersection with Charlestown Road at 2.8 miles from Spruce Run.

Turn left on Van Syckel's Road and proceed 375 feet to Charlestown Road. Turn Right on Charlestown Road and go .6 miles to a left turn on Norton Church Road. Go .7 miles on Norton Church Road to a right turn on Mountain View Road. Go up Mountain View Road for .9 miles, reaching the small parking area for Tower Hill Reserve on your left, 5 miles from Spruce Run.

Turn left off of Mountain View Road into the fields on a mowed path 200 feet past the Tower Hill parking lot, and follow the mowed path around the edge of the fields to the second right turn into the woods, which is indicated by a blazed post.  Follow this trail as it threads its way through the driest areas between wetlands, coming to a gas pipeline. Note: This pipeline is quite wide. Effort has been made to mark the trail entrances at the pipeline. Blaze posts cannot be placed out from the trail entrance on the pipeline itself, as they will get destroyed when the line is mowed each fall. In either direction, the opposite trail head at the pipeline is across and slightly to the left. Cross the gas pipeline and re-enter the woods, following the trail over a stream, through a wet area, and up to Mine Road at 1.4 miles from the Tower Hill parking lot, 6.4 miles from Spruce Run.

Turn left on Mine Road, and proceed 300 feet to a right turn over a rock wall into the woods. Follow this trail for almost 700 feet to a junction with a trail marked with blue Hunterdon County Parks Commission blazes. Turn left on the co-aligned HT/Blue Trails and follow them past old mine tailings and flooded mine shafts out to the Jugtown Mountain Preserve parking lot. Cross the parking lot, passing the kiosk, and continue on the co-aligned HT/White Trails that begin behind the kiosk. Follow the HT/White Trails for 850 feet to a fork. Along the way, the Blue Trail enters from the right, then exits left to circle through some old mining foundations before reentering on the left. Turn right at the fork in the White Trail, and follow the trail down Jugtown Mountain, HT in Jugtown Mountain Preserve reaching a junction where the White Trail goes straight and the HT turns right. Turn sharply right on the HT, now on a woods road, then sharply left onto another woods road. Follow this woods road down to the corner of Brunswick Pike & Route 173 1.2 miles from the Jugtown Mountain parking lot, and 7.6 miles from Spruce Run.

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HT NJ 9: Rt 173 to Dennis Road


HTNJ1 Rt 579 to Delaware River Map

HT Hunterdon County Overview Map 1

NJAS Deerpath Sanctuary Map

Musconetcong Gorge Preserve trail MAP                 

Trail Section Alerts

No current alerts

Trail Section Description

Length: 9.7 miles                         Click on the Camera Icon icons in the text below for photos.

Walk straight across Route 173 and up Tunnel Road. Pass under I-78 after 1 mile, then watch for the right turn off the road at the second utility pole on your right (1.1). Enter NJ Audubon Deerpath Sanctuary and climb away from the road on an old woods road for a short distance, then turn left onto a narrow uphill trail. Come out to old woods roads that alternately pass through woods and overgrown fields. HT Deerpath Sanctuary Proceed straight across a power line clearing (1.6) and continue on woods roads, coming down to Turkey Hill Road (1.9).

Turn left and walk 1.4 miles up Turkey Hill Road, a tree-shaded, lightly used residential road. Turn right at Route 579 (3.3) and walk 2/10 of a mile to where the trail turns left off the road (3.5) into Sweet Hollow Preserve shortly after the road passes under power lines. Limited trailhead parking is available on the shoulder of Route 579. In .2 miles cross under the power lines again, following a narrow winding trail through the woods. HT along stream  In .5 mile, come to a woods road (4.2). Bear right on the woods road. In .1 mile pass a woods road junction on your right (4.3), but continue straight uphill. At the top of the hill turn left off the woods road onto a narrow trail (4.5). Follow this downhill to Sweet Hollow Road (4.8). Limited trailhead parking is available on Sweet Hollow Road.

Sweet Hollow Preserve consists of several unconnected land parcels. To reach the next parcel, turn right on Sweet Hollow Road and follow it for .6 mile to where the trail turns right off of the road (5.4). Limited trailhead parking is available here. Cross a stream shortly after leaving the road, and then go uphill through woods. Cross a dirt road that passes between farm fields (6.0) and continue uphill through a narrow stretch of woods between the fields. Cross an open field (6.1), and turn right in the hedgerow between fields, walking on the rock wall. (Note: the fields are seasonally cut. If the fields are cut, it may be easier to walk the fields parallel to the rock wall.) Turn left off the rock wall (6.2) to cross an open field, a dirt road, a narrow hedgerow, another narrow field, and re-enter the woods. Watch carefully in this area for blazes – a blazed post marks the hedgerow crossing, and from here, you can see the blazed tree in front of you where the trail enters the woods. The pattern of cut fields changes frequently. Proceed up through the woods and come out to more fields, usually growing Corn. Walk around the left edge of the Cornfield, HT heading out to Schaaf Rd along corn fields eventually coming out to Schaaf Road (6.7).

Turn left on Schaaf Road and follow it to Staats Road (7.2). Turn right on Staats Road, and in 1/10 of a mile turn left off of the road into Musconetcong Gorge Preserve on the combined HT/Ridge Trails (7.3), marked with HT teal blazes and yellow diamond Hunterdon County Parks Dept. tags. Note: This trailhead may be difficult to see due to rapid vine and weed growth at the entrance. It is located on a bend in the road where Staats Road becomes Myler Road. Pass private “Luther Lane” on the left, a group of mailboxes on the left, and on the left at the entrance to a private dirt road is the trailhead. Do not walk up the private roads. Parking is not permitted in this area. Proceed through woods, a field, then steeply downhill HT Musconetcong Gorge above Pine Run through more woods to Pine Run – a stream in a small gorge (8.0). Cross the stream and turn left uphill, still on the HT/Ridge Trail. Painted white blazes now join the teal and yellow tags. This is a rugged, rocky trail, much of which is built into the side of the hill and bolstered with rocks. In .7 miles, pass the white tag blazed Switchback Trail on your right (8.7). In 1.2 miles, drop down to pass the blue tagged Nature Trail on your right and cross Scout Creek (9.2). In another ½ mile come out to Dennis Road (9.7), where parking is available. 

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HT NJ 10: Dennis Road to the Delaware River

        Length 5.8 miles                            Click on the Camera Icon icon in the text below for photos.

NTNJ1 Rt 579 to Delaware River Map

HT Hunterdon County Overview Map 1

Musconetcong Gorge Trail Map

NOTE: The trail from Cyphers Road to Pennsylvania has, for the most part, been blazed on lightly-traveled country roads. Although we have approval to eliminate much of this road walk and routes have been scouted, Camera Icon maintaining a trail through the available public land will be difficult due to unmanageable weed and brush growth. Our current plan is to gradually reduce the road walk. 


From the parking area on Dennis Road, follow the blazes down the co-aligned HT/Nature (blue) Trails to the junction with the HT / orange blazed trail. Bear left on the HT/orange trail and follow it for 2.1 miles to a corn field. Turn left and make your way along the field up to Bellis Road. Turn right on Bellis Road and at 2.2 miles, pass Cyphers Road, where parking is available in a new gravel lot. Continue on Bellis Road, passing a gravel parking lot for Musconetcong River Wildlife Management Area at 2.9 miles. At 3.4 miles, Bellis Road becomes Mount Joy Road. Continue on Mount Joy Road to a right turn on CR 627 at 5.0 miles. At 5.4 miles, turn left to continue on CR 627 toward the Riegelsville Historic District. At 5.7 miles, turn left to cross the Delaware River into Pennsylvania over the historic Roebling suspension bridge.  Camera Icon  The blazes end at the bridge. Cross a gravel restaurant parking lot and come to a sign welcoming the HT into Pennsylvania at 5.8 miles. Camera Icon  


The Highlands Trail in Pennsylvania is still in its planning stages. Resources and more information about its development can be found here.


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