Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Parks, Hikes, Maps, and Membership

I have a question about a specific park. Click to find info and contacts for hundreds of parks in our region.

I need info about Bear Mountain. Click here to learn about Bear Mountain State Park and to find additional relevant links.

I need a great hike recommendation. You've come to the right place! Click here to find hundreds of detailed hike descriptions.

I’m looking for an easy hike. Click here for a list of easy to moderate hikes.

What are the benefits of TC membership?  You get to work for free! :-) Actually, we do offer more than service opportunities. Click here to see the great benefits that you get when you support trails with your membership.

I’m not sure which map I need. Click here for a Map Locator (click on the image to see a bigger version)

Do you have any free maps? Yes, we do have a selection of simplified maps for many areas. Click here to see the maps that you can download for free.

Got maps for mobile?  Yes indeed, and more all the time. Click here to learn more about our mobile maps.

I’m free this weekend. Can I come help for the day? Check out our trail crew schedule and see if one works for you.

How can I volunteer close to where I live?  Start by clicking here to check our current volunteer opportunities on trail

I need to contact the office. Our office number is 201-512-9348, our email is [email protected]. Check our Contacts page for additional info.

Do I need to join to volunteer? You don't have to be a member to go out with most trail crews.

What do trail maintainers do? Click here to see the job description for trail maintainer.

Are there any other ways to help beside on-trail? You bet! Click here to see some of the off-trail volunteer opportunities. 

My Eagle Scout needs a project. We often work with Scout groups. The best way to start is to contact the Regional Program Coordinator for your area. Call the office at 201-512-9348 or click here to find him or her on our staff list.

Website FAQs (Click on the question to go to the answer.)

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