HT NJ 6: Schooley's Mountain Park to Voorhees State Park

HTNJ3 Rt 513 to Rt 31 Map

Schooley's Mountain County Park Map

Trail Section Description

Length: 12.2 miles                 

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From the parking lot at Schooley's Mountain County Park, follow the co-aligned Patriots' Path (white) and Highlands Trail mostly downhill and past a viewpoint at an old quarry. PP/HT view point Huge cut stones are visible below the viewpoint. Continue downhill to Fairview Avenue, at 1.1 miles, where parking is available. Cross Fairview Avenue, pass through the parking area and a field, and turn right onto the Columbia Rail Trail (Morris County portion), formerly the High Bridge Branch of the Central Railroad of New Jersey. Cross Schooley's Mountain Road (Old Route 24), where parking is available, at 1.8 miles. Continue to follow the Columbia Rail Trail south from Schooley's Mountain Road in Long Valley. At 4.0 miles from Long Valley, cross Route 513, where parking is available.

Continue on the Columbia Rail Trail (Hunterdon County portion) to Califon at 8.1 miles, where parking is available. Stay on the rail trail, crossing the Raritan River on a former railroad trestle at 10.6 miles. At 10.8 miles, turn sharply right and ascend the west side of the gorge on three switchbacks, the middle one being quite long. The ascent becomes more gentle at 10.9 miles. Continue through saplings and past stone walls, turning right onto an overgrown woods road at 11.2 miles. Turn left off the woods road at 11.3 miles, shortly reaching a dirt driveway. Follow the driveway right to Route 513 at 11.6 miles. Turn left, reaching the Voorhees State Park entrance at 12.2 miles, where parking is available..

Alert: Blazes between the Columbia Rail Trail and Route 513 may be painted out, due to recurrent vandalism.

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