NY AT Local Management Plan (LMP)

This book is a work in progress for combining the Orange/Rockland and Dutchess/Putnam LMPs based on the newly released ATC Local Management Planning Guide. The principal authors are Ron Rosen, Gail Neffinger, Jim Haggett and Walt Daniels. Others in the AT community are encouraged to comment.

The starting points are:

  1. Dutchess/Putnam LMP (revised 1999 based on 1993 approved)
  2. Orange/Rockland LMP (draft) 
This book is a Wiki and anyone permitted to edit it can make arbitrary changes. The changes are tracked and can be reverted (see Revision tab above). You should not hold it in a locked state for long periods to allow others to edit.

Editing plan


  1. Practice making changes to a test page.
  2. Make a rough pass at getting the TOC right. It has been prepopulated with the D/P LMP but this does not take into account the new ATC LMPG or sections that need to be different for O/R. 
  3. Divide up the work so that people are working on different sections by putting your initials in the TOC for sections that you are actively working on. This does not mean that others can't edit it.