All-in-One Harriman Fall Combo


  • Harriman Trails map set (2016)
  • Circuit Hikes in Harriman (2015)
  • Harriman Trails Guide (2010)

Do not miss an ounce of fall foliage in Harriman State Park with this spectacular combo! Plan the perfect fall loop hike using our Circuit Hikes book! Entertain your fellow hikers with tips and history points you’ve collected from our Harriman Trails Guide. You won't have to retrace your steps with our new edition of the Harriman Trails map, trail mileages on the front, while you take in the great views and hike the great variety in Harriman.

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Harriman Hiker Combo

Get these two best-selling Trail Conference items when you buy the Harriman Hiker's combo. No trail is "off limits" in Harriman State Park's dense trail network when you can both read about it in Don Weise's Circuit Hikes in Harriman book and scope it out on the Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails map.


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Walkable Westchester and Old Croton Aqueduct - Westchester Combo


Walkable Westchester guidebook (2014, 2nd ed.) and Old Croton Aqueduct - Westchester map (2008, 2nd ed.) combo pack.


Save 14% off list price by purchasing both of these resources as a combo pack!  Non-members save $4.19, while members save $3.14 on top of their 25% discount for a total savings of $10.62!


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