National Trails Day: Trivia for Trails Webinar

Dreaming of the outdoors? Us too! Join us for a fun-filled evening of testing your trail knowledge + winning awesome prizes! 

Each Wednesday at 8 p.m., we will be hosting a 30-minute, 20 question trivia game in support of our Recovery and Response Fund. A weekly prize will be offered to the winner from our generous sponsor, Hudson North Cider Co.!

Please register for this webinar and we will send the webinar link in the confirmation email.*

Register here.

About Trail Trivia: Questions will range from fun facts about:

  • Appalachian Trail
  • New York + New Jersey trails
  • Trail Conference history
  • National Parks
  • Leave No Trace principles
  • Hiker Preparedness 
  • Invasive & Native Plants

How it'll work: Once you register to play, we will send you the Zoom link in a confirmation email. Our Trivia for Trails will use an interactive game site called Kahoot. In order for optimal user participation, please have an additional device to play along with (cellphone, iPad, etc.), in addition to the Zoom meeting. Participants will have 30 seconds to answer a question, and points are distributed by how fast a question is answered. The winner of the week will be contacted at the end of the trivia via Zoom chat to arrange prize shipment.

TRIVIA PRIZE: A care package from Hudson North Cider Co.**!
Thank you for your generous donation, Hudson North!

100% of your $5 donation goes to protecting parks + trails through the Trail Conference's Recovery and Response Fund

The greater the need for nature, the greater the need for the Trail Conference.

As more of our friends and neighbors seek refuge and solace outdoors, access to nature will be imperative in helping our country return to a sense of normalcy once this crisis has passed. Recovery and Response Fund allows us to train our volunteers digitally, advocate for greater state support for our trail systems, and enhance our online content to assist and educate all trail users, both new and experienced, finding peace and enjoyment in nature. 100% of your $5 donation to play in our Trivia for Trails game will go directly to supporting the trails you love and the invaluable work of the Trail Conference volunteers. 

Register here.

Thank you to our sponsor:








*Yahoo and AOL has been known to block our mass emails, so if you do not receive a confirmation email please check your spam inbox. We will send out a smaller-scale email to everyone the day before the webinar to ensure that all participants receive the webinar link. 

**Individuals can also choose a trail store of same value item in lieu of the Hudson North Cider Co. Care package

June 3rd, 2020 from  7:55 PM to  8:45 PM
Event Fee(s)
Recovery and Response Fund $5.00
Additional event information
Coordinator Jennifer Zack
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