Trail Insider: Managing High-Use Trails:  Why Trail Stewards are a Necessity in Creating Safe, Sustainable Trails Webinar

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As part of our Centennial celebration, we're inviting you to join us for an exclusive, inside look at current projects, ongoing efforts, and plans for upcoming years. As our community grows, we want to thank each and every one of you for supporting us along this journey. Help celebrate a century's worth of accomplishments— and those to come!

Overuse and misuse of the most popular outdoor destinations are threatening the ecological integrity of these special places. In the greater New York metropolitan region, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is taking a leadership role in coordinating stewardship efforts to keep up with growing threats. There is no one answer to solving this issue; it is our belief that we can create better outdoor experiences through user education, public participation, and sustainable, on-the-ground solutions. The Trail Conference has joined with land managers and local partners to begin a multi-phased stewardship approach on the Appalachian Trail, at Breakneck Ridge, and in the Catskills. Learn how trail steward programs have worked to make the public better informed, more responsible trails users while protecting the resource. Because when trails are used responsibly, they protect both the people who use them and the environment they traverse.

Speaker: Hank Osborn, Trail Conference Director of Programs




August 11th, 2021 7:30 PM through  8:30 PM
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Level Beginner
Coordinator Jennifer Zack
Instructor Hank Osborn
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