Trail Chair Training

Building relationships is a simplified description of what a trails chair does. But what more does the job entail? Trails chairs are volunteers who have a volunteer supervisor reporting to them and as such have a lot of responsibility. So it is not surprising that new trails chairs have questions such as ·   What am I responsible for? ·   Where do I go for help? ·    How do I fill out a form? ·    How do I know the things that are supposed to be done are being done? ·    How do I build trust and relationships? Learn the answers to these questions and more through hands-on exercises and discussions. At the same time, build  your tool kit so that though using trust and delegation you can: ·         Build relationships and develop a team to provide service to your park partners ·         Develop and tap into resources to solve problems on and off the trails.  ·         Learn about annual plans, retention of volunteers, awards, and more.
March 13th, 2016 9:30 AM through  3:30 PM
Trail Conference Headquarters
600 Ramapo Valley Road
Mahwah, NJ
United States
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Coordinator Jane Daniels
Instructor Jane Daniels
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