Introduction to Trail Maintenance

  It's finally happened - Trail University has reached its 1000th course! To celebrate we'll be tackling an extremely overgrown trail in Long Pond Ironworks State Park, which has been without a maintainer since Hurricane Irene. The day will be a long one, but there will be treats (and we may even celebrate back at the parking area with a fizzy bottle of chilled sparkling cider)! Join us and help make our 1000th course one of our most productive ones yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This course covers an introduction to the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and provides the skills necessary to maintain a hiking trail so it is easily passable and harmonious with its surroundings. Participants will learn assessment of trail conditions, clearing, blazing, proper use of tools and how to report any trail problems they may come across on their segment of trail.  Wear your hiking boots and work gloves - bring water and a bag lunch. If you have garden clippers, loppers or pruning saws, feel free to bring them along.
September 5th, 2015 10:00 AM through  5:00 PM
Long Pond Ironworks State Park, NJ
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Coordinator Peter Dolan
Instructor Peter Dolan
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