Bear Mountain Introduction to the Project and Moving Stone

Thinking of volunteering with the Megalithic Trail Crew on the Bear Mountain Trails Project?   Come see what it takes by joining us for a tour and our first work day of the season!   We will be meeting at the Bear Mountain Inn at 9am, then carpooling to Perkins Memorial Tower, and hiking down the in-progress reroute of the Appalachian Trail.  Trail Builder/Educator, Ama Koenigshof, and Bear Mountain Field Manager, Kevin Simpson, will be leading the tour with detailed explanations of techniques and methods used giving an introduction to traditional stonework as it applies to technical trail construction.  After the hike, stick around and get your hands in on the action by volunteering on the project where you will learn about the tools we use and how to aquire stone,   For more information about the Bear Mountain Trails Project visit
March 28th, 2015 9:00 AM through  5:00 PM
Bear Mountain State Park
55 Hessian Dr
Bear Mountain, NY 10911
United States
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