Trail Structures Workshop: Native Stone

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Have you noticed the stone structures on a trail such as stairs, walls, or stepping stones? Want to learn how they get there? Take this workshop to learn all about them!

Trail structures are built to make a trail safer, more sustainable, and more enjoyable. Types of stone trail structures include stairs, walls, stepping stones, culverts, etc. Trail structures may be built with materials on site or imported, but many of the stone structures you see on trails in this area are built from native stone found on site.


In this workshop we will be focusing on Retaining Walls. This course helps you gain or brush up on the skills to build safe, long-lasting Retaining Walls that fit into their surroundings and provide a positive user experience. You will also learn why and where structures are applicable.


By completing this Trail Conference University [link to landing page] course, you are one step closer to earning your Trail Crew Master Builder badge! Click here to learn more about Trail Conference University.

July 9th, 2022 from  8:30 AM to  2:30 PM
Laurel Meadow Parking Lot
Sterling Lake Corp
Tuxedo Park, NY 10987
United States
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Level Beginner
For more information, contact... Volunteer Team at [email protected]