Trail Layout and Design

This workshop is devoted to establishing guidelines for laying out a safe, exciting, and ecologically sound trail. Topics covered include trail planning, soils, grades, hydrological relationships, and trail alignments, as well as trail experience concepts such as users' expectations, gateways, anchors, and trail flow. Students will learn to understand the humanity in a trail: what makes one trail more enjoyable and satisfying than another. After discussing for a short time indoors, participants will have the opportunity to design a new trail segment. Be prepared to spend the afternoon outdoors: wear your hiking boots pack plenty of water and bring work gloves.   This workshop is part of the 2nd Sunday series of Trail Workshops being hosted by Spillian and presented by the Trail Conference.  Participants in the 2nd Sunday series can expect to learn a wide array of skills that will help them safely enjoy the outdoors. Participants will also learn how to be better stewards of our natural treasures. In addition to classroom learning  participants will have the opportunity to test their newly acquired skills on the network of trails that surround Spillian.  
October 12th, 2014 1:00 PM through  4:00 PM
Catskill Mountains - Margaretville Area
773 Main Street
Margretville, NY 12455
United States
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