Hiking Skills: How to Use a Compass (Better) Webinar with Hike and Draw + Adventure Untamed

Great for hikers, scouts, and families! Learn how to navigate a hike, avoid getting lost, and how to get back on trail using a compass.


Workshop Duration: 90 Minutes

Workshop Duration: 90 Minutes Take your adventure-planning skills to the next level! In this workshop, we'll learn the basics of navigating with a compass before diving into more advanced compass skills like aiming-off and triangulation.

"Hiking Skills" is a collaboration between Adventure UntamedThe New York New Jersey Trail Conferenceand Hike and Draw LLC. This is a donation-based event. Half the proceeds will be gifted to the Trail Conference.

The Trail Conference’s passion is creating great trail experiences. Our 2,000-plus volunteers build, maintain, and protect trails and steward parklands because we believe everyone who seeks the outdoors should have the opportunity to connect with nature.

What you need:

• Pencil

• Sheet of graph paper

• Compass (you can use the one on your smartphone to participate)

Please Note:

This workshop is accessible from any web device, however, a device with a larger screen such as a tablet or PC will make for a better experience.



January 26th, 2021 7:00 PM through  8:30 PM
United States
Additional workshop information
Level Beginner
Coordinator Heather Darley
For more information, contact... [email protected]