Invasives Strike Force

Last Call For Survey Results

This is the last call for you, yes you, to submit the results from your Invasive Strike Force and Blockbuster Surveys.  Did you start it and not finish?  Submit your results!  Did you forget to mark critical waypoints on your survey and don’t want to submit bad data?  We need what you have.  Please don’t let any confusion cause you to hold back valuable data.  Even if you accidentally surveyed the wrong area, we will sort it all out later.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email or call us.

Harriman State Park, Iron Mines Loop. Photo by Daniel Chazin.

Wanted: Missing GPS Units

We are on the hunt for our four missing GPS units.  While we suspect they have staged a massive escape plot from their storage area, we haven’t eliminated the possibility that some just never made it home after their use in surveys.  If you have seen one of our rogue units, please make sure to email its location so we can bring it back for a long debrief on its adventures. 

Harriman State Park, Iron Mines Loop. Photo by Daniel Chazin.

Swallow-wort Biocontrol Update

Back in August, we wrote about Black Swallow-wort (Cynanchum louiseae) and the potential for biocontrol from the moth Hypena opulenta.  At the time, USDA APHIS had opened a public comment period on the distribution of release permits.  We are happy to say that since that time, USDA has given approval for the rearing and permitted release of the moths.  While information on this process is just beginning to trickle out, Jil Swearingen, author of Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas, has put out a great article that outlines why H. opulenta is a great candidate for biocontrol and the next steps for releases in the field.  Check out her article below.

Harriman State Park, Iron Mines Loop. Photo by Daniel Chazin.

Native Thistles?

Did you know that not all thistles are invasive? In fact, native thistles, such as tall thistle are critical forage for pollinators. Unfortunately, native thistles can get caught up in control measures for invasive bull and Canada thistles. To help steer your species management efforts, check out the guide from the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

Tall Thistle in Superior National Forest. Photo by Albert Herring




November 3: Invasive Species Summit: Restoration and Long-Term Managment (New York Botanical Garden's Ross Hall, Bronx, NY)

November 13-15: Cornell Cooperative In-Service Conference (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
November 18: Invasive Vine SWARM with Groundwork Hudson Valley (South County Trail, Ardsley, NY) November 28: PRISM Partner Meeting (Teatown Lake Reservation, Ossining, NY)
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