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What trail did you see it on?
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the snake swore me to secrecy and promised not to bite me if I did not reveal his whereabouts. However if you would like to email me off list I will send you a picture. Banjolady dot susan at verizon dotnet
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Has the shore trail been reopened since the May 2012 rock collapse?
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The Shore Trail in the area of the Giant Stairs, below the rockslide of May 2012, was reopened to the public last fall.
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Hiked this section on 9/8/2013.  Trail was well marked.  Comments by 46r796 from August 2013 at the Section description for the LP were helpful.  The road walk on 990V can be busy, the road is narrow and has several blind turns, care should be exercised.  Part of Stryker Rd. has been distroyed from Hurricane Irene 2 years ago, the damage is massive and it is unclear when the road will be rebuilt due to undermining of the road bed.  However, as noted by 46r796, this area is safely passable by hikers traveling through this area.  The issue at the microwave tower appears to be partially explained by signage that has been partially placed on top of the trail blazes.  The only work we saw that needs attention is north of Lansing Manor when sections of the path are in need of brush clearing.  The section along the stream by the rear NYPA road entrance almost seems like it might be worth skipping due to its short length, quality tick habitat and large amounts of plant overgrowth.  It's just easier to walk the road and limit your exposure.  Additionally, the USGS gauge station steps should not be used.  They look like they have been damaged and might not hold a person walking on them, there is enough space to walk along side of them if you walk this area. The work at the Schoharie reservoir's upper dam is impressive, looks like a long term project.  The Gilboa Museum and  exhibit of fossilized trees were a good, albeit brief diversion along the way.  Also fun is the sign at the large farm one passes on Stryker Rd. that warns poachers that if they shoot into the farm the farm will shoot back.  I'd like to know the story behind those signs......Manorkill Falls & Lansing Manor were great stops along this section.  The evergreen (red cedar?) planting at Lansing Manor was interesting and I would be interested in finding out the reason why they did this.  Absolutely impressive are the cliffs from Nickerson's Campground north to Minekill Park and the creek that enters this water body with the flat rock bed and drops.  This type of fine sandstone(?) stratified rock formation seems typical of much of the exposed bedrock in this area.  We didn't see too much wildlife on this section.  Enjoyed the walk.
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If you're taking the Long Path from Lake Skannatti then it looks like you're going to cross Beaver Pond Brook which could be a water source for you. If not, then the Second Reservoir is a relatively easy hike along a horse trail that leads directly to it from the Long Path and Suffern Bear Mountain intersection.
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I'm planning a overnight from 7 lakes drive at skanatatti parking lot to big hil shelter. Are there any good sources of water near the shelter to filter and cook with?
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I was up on Big Hill this past weekend. The closest water source is 2nd Reservoir which is about 1/2-3/4 of a mile away from the shelter. All of the streams were running fairly dry.   -Chris
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Any tips on water? Is second rsevoir marked on the map? I can't seem to find it.
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What edition of the map set do you have?  I have 2010, and second reservoir is clearly marked, just a bit south and east of the Big Hill shelter.
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2nd Reservoir should be just south of Big Hill. There actually will be 2 lakes in that area, 2nd and 3rd Reservoirs. Both are listed on my 2008 edition map. You will wind up taking Long path off the North side of Big hill, and it will take you down to the Woods road that hikes straight down to 2nd Reservoir.
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I made the worst typo ever. I meant bald rocks shelter. I have no idea how I screwed that up! Ha!
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Did an overnight back on 2/1/13 and despite the 0 degree temps we found water to filter east of the RD on the yellow dunning trail
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Hi all, I was hiking through the Elbow Brush on the Blue Disc Trail toward the Almost Perpendicular when at the very last moment I realized I was about to step on a rattler that was coiled up next to a rock, practically in the middle of the trail. I leaped and the snake never moved. It was almost as if it was asleep. I watched it for a while to see if it was dead but it wasn't. It eventually did show some movement although little. During my last encounter with a rattler it let me know in no uncertain terms that it was there by its very loud rattling sound. I was under the impression that a rattler would always warn me of it's presence. Any thoughts or other experiences?
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Below you will see my experience from not too long ago, similar to yours, except that i noticed the snake from about 15-20 feet away. Glad you spotted yours before you stepped on it!
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Once six of us walked past a rattler just 18 inches from our boots and he never rattled or even gave a light buzz. The last hiker noticed the snake and gave him a wide berth. We often pass rattlers 4 to 5 feet away and don't notice them unless they speak up. When they do you get a very good reminder of who owns the trail. No they are not sleeping. Lucky for us they don't want to waste their venom on hikers. We're too hard to swallow whole.'s picture

  I was up at Minnawaska State Park today.  (25 August 2013).  The Hamilton Carriageway is closed for trail work.
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I had forgotten about the closures, and went running today at the Ramapo Reservation. According to the update on the TC website, all trails are re-opened except the Crossover and the Cooper Union trails Part of my run was on the Halifax Trail (green blazed)- i ran east from the Pierson Ridge Trail (blue blazed) to the White Trail that heads back towards the Ridge Trail, and the parking area. Just as an FYI to anyone planning on using the Halifax Trail, there were construction vehicles, and people working at all three points where the trail crosses the pipeline. There was also work being done where the Pierson Ridge Trail ends at the piepline, and meets the Halifax. None of the guys working there said anything to me, crossing the pipeline was not difficult, and it was fairly easy to see where the trail picks up except for the last (most eastward, right before the traillhead of the White Trail) crossing, where it was a bit difficult to pick up the trail. In fact, i met four girls at this point who had gotten disoriented due to the construction, and helped them figure out where they were, and which way to go. If you are plainning on using the Halifax Trail in the near future, use caution!
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thanks Michael for your info;  this has been relayed to the Park Supt, along with info you supplied directly to him.   It's just best that people are aware of ongoing work in this area.    The pipeline work is now particularly active neark Monksville Reservoir.
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SMR is my favorite place to go running. A beautiful mix of trails, bridle paths, footpaths, and the terrain is not as brutal on the feet as Harriman. Lots of options for differrent routes. It's also only a 45 minute train ride from Penn Station, and the train stops ONE BLOCK away from the parking area :) Very convenient for those of us who rely on public transportation. But the only map i can find for it is this one: The map is semi-accurate at best, and there are many trails (some fully blazed) that are not on it, while some of the paths that are on the map don't seem to exist anymore. Today i was running on the blue blazed Elmdale Trail, and looking for the West Ridge bridle path, and couldn't find it- it seemed like the blue trail ran along the backyards of people's houses. Perhaps the WR path was lost to encroaching suburbia? Likewise, i came across a white/blue blazed side trail off the ElmdaleTrail that doesn't appear on the map at all. I passed at least two other blazed trails (both blazed red/white) in other sections of the reservation that don't appear on the map as well. Does anyone know if there is a more recent/accurate map available for SMR? Has the Trail Conference ever considered creating an accurate full-color all-inclusive map for this area? Thanks for any help! MK7