Bearfort Ridge Loop from Warwick Turnpike

Abram S. Hewitt State Forest

Bearfort Ridge/Quail Trail Loop from Warwick Turnpike - Photo by Daniel Chazin Bearfort Ridge/Quail Trail Loop from Warwick Turnpike - Photo by Daniel Chazin

This loop hike traverses the Bearfort Ridge, with its unusual puddingstone conglomerate rock and pitch pines growing out of bedrock, passes through a rhododendron tunnel, and comes out on the shore of Surprise Lake.

41.155715, -74.362748

From the parking turnout, walk east on Warwick Turnpike, going back over the concrete road bridge. Just east of the bridge, you'll see a triple green/black blaze that marks the start of the Bearfort Ridge Spur. Follow the green/black blazes uphill through rhododendrons and hemlocks. In about 500 feet, the trail joins a woods road that comes in from the right. Just beyond, the Bearfort Ridge...

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December 01, 2019
Enjoyable hike
We did this hike yesterday, on Thanksgiving weekend and really enjoyed it. We did it in 3 hours plus a 15 minute lunch break overlooking the Manhattan skyline, waaayyyy off in the distance but very cool to see from here. The trails were very well blazed, clean and scenic. We passed just a few hikers and a dog walker, so it wasn’t particularly over crowded. We had several water crossings which made it even more fun to do, skipping over stones to get to the other side. We did comment on the possibility of needing gaiters during a wet Spring. After the hike, you’re a short drive from Warwick, a really cute town with some great dining and bar options. We will definitely do this one again.
June 21, 2017
Great hike
Views were pretty good, and on a clear day I could just about make out the tops of the Empire State Building and Freetom Tower. I did this hike and was able to finish it in about 3 and a half hours. I was walking a bit fast though, maybe a slower hiker could complete it in about 4. If you want to do this hike as a lollipop loop around Surprise Lake and West Pond, there are more views through that route. There is a detailed description of that route here:
October 16, 2016
Great Hike, 2 easy add on Viewpoints!
<p>Great Hike! &nbsp;After the initial ascent I found it a moderate hike. &nbsp;I would suggest when you get to the intersection of the Bearfort (white) &amp; Earnest Walter (yellow) trails to hang a left on the Earnest Walter (yellow) trail and head to the West Pond viewpoint. After making the left in .2 miles you will come to a tree were the yellow trail will turn to the left but you will see a painted yellow arrow pointing to the right. Turn right and follow this trail a short distance to an amazing viewpoint! &nbsp;For another easy viewpoint when you get to the intersection of the Earnest Walter (yellow) &amp; Quail (orange) trails you can walk about .3 miles past Suprise Lake on the Earnest Walter (yellow) trail and climb a small rock outcropping to anohter great view point. &nbsp;Amazing hike, will defintely be back! &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
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