2015 Photo Gallery


Doris Duke Ridge View



(Top Left to Right:  Patrick, Andreas, Daniel, Kirsty, Aidan, Ryan, Hari)

(Bottom Left to Right: Tim, Trudy, Sabina, Theresa, Lauren)




(Left to Right: Justin, Matt, Kristen, Cassie, Julie, Erin)

(Left to Right: Spencer, Isaiah, Owen, Grace, Kathleen, Ding, Millie, Shayla)

Trail U Moving Rocks - Grip Hoisting.

(Far Back: Thomas)( Bottom Right: Eric)

Trail U - Stepping Stones

(Left to Right: Patricio, Susan, Eugene, Larissa, Kayla, Kirsty, Shane, Joe)

(Bottom Left to Right: Sabina and Jesse)

Curtis fighting stones with a smile! 

Kayla and Tom crushing some rock on Trail-U - Stepping stone 

 Mary and Michael moving rocks!

Left to Right: Mary, MIchael, Richard, and Jason - Enjoy the view for lunch!


Toshi's first day! 


Group shot!  (front Left to Right: Toshi and Jess)  Setting a rock

(Back Left to right: Soojin and Eugene) Crushing in a step




Erin shows the rock who's boss!

Thank to all our Volunteers!

Please join us on September 20th for our official ribbon cutting ceremony, as well as a hike or trail run. As hikers, runners and trail builders, we hope to see on the completed Doris Duke Trail!