Appalachian National Scenic Trail - Drinking Water Conditions

Just starting to update for 2015 as of 5/16/2014. 

Hikers along the AT should check ahead on water availability by reading register logs, inquiring at park offices and other information points along the Trail. In New Jersey, hikers may be able to inquire with the seasonal Ridge Runners, should you meet one on the trail. They have been monitoring conditions along the AT in that state. Be prepared to treat any water source if you are not confident that it is potable.

Appalachian Trail-wide Water condition updates can be found at: 

Location Date Status
New Jersey    
Nat'l Parks Visitor Center 7/9/2012 Faucet in pavilion area
Dunnfield Creek Parking Lot 7/9/2012 Pump handle has been removed
Holly Springs Trail, 0.2 miles east of AT 7/9/2012 Slow flow; reliable
Sunfish Pond Run-off 6/26/2013 Good Flow; reliable
Ed Garvey Spring 6/26/2013 Unreliable currently dry
Yards Creek Run-off, 1 mile N of Sunfish Pond 6/26/2013 Good Flow; reliable
Mohican Outdoor Center-0.3 miles off of AT 6/26/2013 Faucet by garage across from office
Rattlesnake Spring, 50-150 feet 7/14/2012 Good Flow-Reliable
Blue Mountain Lakes Road 6/26/2015  Pump at road crossing is DRY (not working) However there is a spring nearby not on current maps, but marked. Also water available at  Camp Ken-Etiwa-Pec (northwest of AT) 
Boy Scout Bridge, 0.3 miles north of Rattlesnake Mountain 7/14/2012  Slow Flow-Reliable
Brink Road Shelter Spring 7/14/2012  Slow Flow-Reliable
Gren Anderson Shelter Spring 7/14/2012  Good Flow-Reliable
Mashipacong Shelter 7/10/2012 No water source, but trail angel leaving water 
Iris Trail Stream, N of Mashipacong Shelter 7/10/2012  Slow Flow-Unreliable (filter & purify)
Rutherford Shelter Spring 7/10/2012  Slow Flow-Reliable
High Point State Park Office, Route 23 5/16/2015  Faucet by office is out (hopefully temporary). The beach is about half mile walk from the park office which is already a quarter mile from the trail.
Monument Shelter, High Point 7/10/2012  Good Flow-Reliable (right off of first bridge)
Secret Shelter, 5.5 miles N of HP Shelter-Goldsmith Rd 6/28/2013  Well water-Private property
Unionville, NY via Lott Rd & NJ Avenue 7/10/2012  Faucet at town park, next to post office
Just north of Lake Wallkill Rd 9/1/2013 Faucet at back of house, sign on the AT - testing positive for coliform so treat all water until further notice. Posted on/near faucet as well.
Pochuck Shelter 7/10/2012  No water at the shelter
Trail angel 1.8 miles north of Pochuck Shelter 7/10/2012  100 yards off trail to bear box (trail angle)
Heaven Hill Farm 7/10/2012  Faucet at farm, and Ice Cream
Wawayanda Shelter, blue blazed trail off of AT to park office 7/10/2012  Faucet on park office&maintenance buildings
New York  


Cascade Brook 7/5/2012

Reliable stream - must be treated

The Creamery at 17A west of AT crossing


Spigot on outside of the building available 24 hrs May - October

Wildcat Shelter  7/5/2012 Spring unreliable - must be treated
Little Dam Lake and stream  7/5/2012 Reliable but must be treated
Island Pond 2013 Must be treated
Fingerboard Shelter 2013 No water - Lake Tiorati 0.5 mile east
Arden Valley Road  2013 Water May-November 0.3 east at Tiorati Cicle ranger station
Brien Shelter  2014 Unreliable spring
Palisades Interstate Parkway 2013 Vistor Center 0.5 north - inside so available only durring business hours
Beechy Bottom Brook  7/5/2012 Unreliable - must be treated
West Mountain Shelter  2013 No water
Bear Mt. top 2013 No water - soda machines
Bear Mountain near Carousel 2013 water at restrooms next to the Carousel
Bear Mountain Zoo 2013 Water fountains at the Zoo
Hemlock Spring Campsite 2013 Slow but reliable spring
Coppermine Brook 2014 DO NOT USE - mine drainage - possible heavy metal contamination
Appalachian Market Rt 9/403 2014 24 hour deli
Graymoor Ballfield campsite 2014 May-October water faucet
Stream just South of Canopus Hill Road 2014 Reliable - but treat heavily - nearby houses
Dennytown Road - Group Campsite 2015 Faucet on stone building 100' west - 3rd Friday April to end of October
Sunk Mine Road 2015 Stream just north of road - swamp water - reliable - treat
Rt 301 - Canopus Lake - Campground 2015 Seasonal Campground 1m east (at office year round)
Canopus Swimming area 2015 Seasonal 0.25m east - when concession stand is open - June to Labor Day.
Shenandoah Tenting Area 2013 Well pump - treat water
RPH Shelter 2013 Well pump - treat water - irony
Rt 52 2013 Deli 0.5 mile  south of trail crossing
Morgan Stewart Shelter 2013 Well pump - treat water
Nuclear Lake 2013  Treat - many beavers
Telephone Pioneers Shelter 7/20/2015 Dry unless very recent rain. Also faucet at house by Dover Rd not available.
Wiley Shelter 6/2013 Well pump - newly fixed
Dual Hollow Brook 2013 Treat - nearby horse farms, houses
Rte 22 2013 Deli 0.6 miles south
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