Backpacking and Camping in the NY-NJ Metro Region

Fox Hollow Shelter in Catskills

Rich opportunites for tent camping, RV camping and backpacking are available in Trail Conference regions and long distance trails. Be sure to check the facility before setting out. The following links are a starting point.

Backpacking in New Jersey

Backpack camping is not permitted in any New Jersey Park except for those listed below:

Batona (Back To Nature) Trail

Batona (Back To Nature) Trail In the Pinelands, the 49.5 mile long has designated campsites in Wharton State ForestBrendan Byrne (formerly Lebanon) State Forest and Bass River State Forest. Permits are required. Contact the parks for specifics. Try the Outdoor Club of South Jersey.

Backpacking in New York


In the Catskills, camping is permitted on state land below 3,500 feet in elevation. Except at lean-tos and designated campsites, you must camp at least 150 feet from roads, trails and water sources. Campsite and primitive campsite locations are shown on the Catskill Trails Map Set.

Fire Island National Seashore 

Fire Island National Seashore Park has a wilderness camping site for those willing to brave poison ivy and ticks. Check the park website for details or call 631-597-6455 (seasonal).

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Park

Harriman-Bear Mountain State Park permits backpack camping in designated spots. See the Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails Map for shelters and tent sites.

Long Path

Long Path Region overview, Long Path Guide and Backpacking the Long Path are invaluable guides with specific sites where backcountry camping is permitted along the Long Path.

Shawangunk Ridge Trail

Along the Shawangunk Ridge Trail, camping is permitted on State Forest lands managed by the Dept. of Environmental Conservation and on lands owned by the Open Space Institute, at least 150 feet off the trail. See the following sections in the Long Path Guide for information: G1. High Point State Park to US Route 6G2., US Route 6 to NY Route 211G3. NY Route 211 to Old NY Route 17 and G4. Old NY Route 17 to Long Path.

Other Resources

An excellent source of information about backpacking in the Adirondack State Park is the website of the Adirondack Mountain Club.


Long Distance Trails

Also see our Long Distance Trails page for resources.