Catskill Mountains Trail News and Programs

Trail News, Information and Programs in the Catskill Mountain Region from the Trail Conference

Our work in the Catskill Mountain Region includes trail, bridge and lean-to maintenance, repair and reconstruction.  In addition, our program supports a full-time, regional staff person who manages our programs in the Catskill Mountains, aims to spur local economic development by making the public open space lands of the Catskill Park more accessible and appealing, and engages local residents in the stewardship of Catskill Mountain Region's trails and open space. We work closely with trail volunteers, state and local agencies, and community groups to enhance, promote and advocate for recreational trails, lean-tos and access to open space in the region.

Volunteers in the Catskills helping design a new trail

The Trail Conference offers a number of different resources for up-to-the-minute Trail Updates, News and Information in the Catskill Mountain Region:

About the Trail Conference's Catskill Community Trails Program

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference Volunteers and Member Organizations maintain 29 lean-tos and over 200 miles of trails in the Catskill Park's Forest Preserve and to the north along the Long Path beyond the Catskill Park.  Individuals can adopt a trail or backcountry lean-to for maintenance or join a Crew that works on trails, lean-tos and bridges.  Our Crews in the Catskills have reconstructed lean-tos, built kingpost bridges to carry trails across mountain streams, built dozens of miles of new trail in the Catskills and helped keep trails open and accessible through general maintenace crews.

Trail Maintainers in actionIf you are interested in Trail Maintenance, Lean-to Maintenance or other volunteer opportunties in the Catskill Mountain region or along the northern sections of the Long Path, please fill out of General Volunteer Interest Form or refer to the on-trail vacancies below:

Adopt a Trail - Trail Maintainer
Adopt a Trail - Trail Maintainer - Long Path North (north of Catskills)
Adopt a Lean-to - Lean-to Caretakers
Trail Supervisor (Supervise Trail Maintainers)

There are also plenty of ways to get involved with the Trail Conference off the trail.  We are looking for volunteers who are interested in photography, advocacy, field checking our publications, helping inventory trails and more.  If you are interested in opportunities that are not specific to trail maintenance, please complete our Off-Trail Volunteer Interest Form.


The Trail Conference's Catskill Mountain Region Staff

The Trail Conference's Catskills program is managed by our Senior Program Coordinator Jeff Senterman. Jeff works as a full-time, field-based staff member in the Catskills and also manages our regional trail programs.  Heather Rolland is our part-time Catskills Program Coordinator.  Jeff and Heather can be reached at the our regional office in the Catskills at  518-628-4243 or via email at [email protected].


Upcoming Catskill Mountain Region Trail & Lean-to Crew Work

Volunteers working in the Catskill MountainsWe work to have Trail and Lean-to Crew work scheduled throughout the maintenance season in the Catskill Mountains (May through October).  Check out the Trail Conference's Trail Crew Calendar for the latest information and scheduled Trail Crew outings.  If you'd like more information about our specific trail crews, please visit their pages:

Trail University in the Catskill Mountains

The Trail Conference sponsors a number of workshops throughout the maintenance season every year in the Catskill Mountains.  Those workshops include introductory workshops for trail maintenance and lean-to adoption and more advanced workshops that include trail and trail structure construction.  All of our Trail University worksops are included on the Trail University Calendar.

How you can help our Catskills Trail Programs

Support Catskills Trail ProgramsYour support makes trail openings like the KRT in Haines Falls possible!In addition to our volunteering, the Trail Conference needs your help to keep our trails programs running.  Our staff support volunteers in the region and we provide materials, training and supplies for our crews and volunteers.  If you are unable to volunteer on a crew, adopt a trail, or adopt a lean-to, but still want to help the Trail Conference continue our work in the Catskill Mountains, please consider supporting our Trail Programs in the Catskill Mountains by donating to the Trail Conference and your donation will be put to work on the trails, lean-tos and bridges of the Catskill Mountains and Catskill Park.

Join our mailing list

We maintain an email mailing list of people who are interested in volunteering and supporting our work in the Catskill Mountains.  Those mailings include notifications about upcoming Trail Crew work.  If you would like to join the mailing list, please send an email to [email protected] and include subscribe catskills as your subject line.  The body of the email should include your name, address and phone number.


Catskill Maps - On Tyvek and on your smartphones and tablets!

Looking to purchase Catskill Trails, our 6-map set that shows all hiking trails in the Catskill Park

The Trail Conference is very excited to announce that select, enhanced trail maps are now available for use on smartphones and tablets! Using the PDF Maps app from Avenza, you can pinpoint your location on a map, mark waypoints and geotag photos, measure distances, and much more! Click here to go to the App Store now or search for "Avenza PDF Maps" in the App Store on your mobile device, then "nynjtc" to find our map. Learn more about all of the maps we offer at PDF Maps here.

If you would like to learn more about our Catskill Maps available on PDF Maps, check out this guide that includes a link to download a free Catskills Map along with links to purchase other Catskill Maps.

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