Find a Sawyer

Do we really need a sawyer?

  • Alternate solutions
    • Can it just be dragged off the trail?
    • Is it less than 4-6 inches? Maybe someone, not necessarily a sawyer, can just do it with a handsaw.
  • Is it an easy unobstructed step over? These are a lesser priority, especially if sawyers are busy clearing storm damage.

Case 1: You are not a trails chair, supervisor or sawyer

Fill out a trail problem report with as much detail as you can provide. A sawyer will be found to remove the problem. It is preferred if you provide:

  • The name of the trail and where the problem is, e.g. just past the yellow trail intersection, 10 minutes walk from Windy Rd.
  • a guess at the diameter of the tree - a dollar bill is 6 inches long
  • a picture of the problem
  • even better a GPS waypoint of the exact location. Consider using PDFMaps application if you have a smart phone.

Case 2: You are a trail chair or supervisor (or an off duty sawyer just out for a hike)

  • If not a chair, tell your chair.


  • You are a sawyer or have someone who normally saws for you
    • Tell your assigned sawyer
    • If not a sawyer, use the sawyers list, [email protected], to request help.
    • You must have a second person with you, either another sawyer or a swamper. The person reporting the problem or the maintainer of the section are good possibilities or perhaps you want to go out with them. 
    • For B sawyers, preferably pick an A sawyer so they get the practice they need to advance to being a B sawyer.
  • You don't know any sawyers
    • Post a request on the sawyers email list, [email protected], (this goes to all sawyers, chairs and supervisors and only those people can post to the list)

What you can expect to happen

Whatever sawyer takes the problem, they are expected to promptly report the completion of the project to the chair of the region. Work done and summary report. (think of this as an email writing helper - fill it out and select the option to email it to someone).

The chairs should report the sawing projects separate from other crew work on the twice yearly reports.

The chairs should report the completion of the project to anyone who submitted a trail problem report.

Any sawyer who accepts a project from the sawyers list, is expected to immediate post (before they go out) that they are doing it so no one else also goes out for the same problem.