How to add a park to the TC database

We use our park information for two purposes: display to the public, and reference from our internal trail information database.

Public parks

The public information about parks is managed by Phil McLewin. Contact him if you want to help describe a new park that is not in the database, or make changes to one that is in the database.

Internal Trail Information

Go to create park.

You must fill out the following *ed fields with the values below, others are optional. Some of fields are depricated. Some are too complicated to easily explain how to fill in so leave empty.



Field Name Value Comment
Compete* No Only Phil can mark a park as complete and ready to show to the public
Park Name*   Full official park name (may be hard as some parks are not careful)
Park Map   Skip
Park Photo    Skip
NYNJTC maintained *  No Come back and change to Yes when it is  approved.
Trail Uses*   Check all legal uses
Dogs   (only if you know the answer)
Trail Miles   (only if you know the answer)
Acres   (only if you know the answer)
Municipality   (only if you know the answer)
County   Pick
State*   Pick
RegionURL*   Pick LTC region
Region X   Skip
TC Map   (only if you know the answer) 
TC Book   (only if you know the answer)
Web Map Title   Skip
Web Map URL   Skip
Cluster/Park* Park  
Description   Skip
Trail Overview   Skip 
Directions   Skip
Web Link Title   Skip 
Web Link URL   Skip 
Phone   (only if you know the answer)
Friends Title   Skip 
Friends URL   Skip
Region*   Walk Book Region
Fees   (only if you know the answer)
Sponsor   Skip
Nearby Parks   Skip
Park Alert   Skip
Arguments   Skip
Updated (tab)   Ignore whole tab
Overview (tab)   Ignore whole tab
Management (tab)   Ignore whole tab