Invasives Strike Force: Plant ID and Data Collection

How to Prepare for Standard Survey Plant ID:

  1. Sign up for in-person training at our Invasives Strike Force workshops
  2. Download the Full Standard Plant ID Guide (PDF) and the Quick ID Guide or click the links on the table below to learn about the plants.
  3. View and listen to this presentation from previous years' training (covers the original plant list only): Training Presentation (requires free Flash Plug-in)
  4. Watch these videos from previous years training:


Standard Species CODE Common Name Type
Acer platanoides ACPL Norway maple


Ailanthus altissima AIAL Tree-of-heaven Tree
Elaeagnus umbellata ELUM Autumn olive Sm. Tree
Aralia elata AREL8 Japanese Angelica Tree
Berberis thunbergii BETH Japanese barberry Shrub
Euonymus alatus EUAL Winged Euonymus Shrub
Rose multiflora ROMU Multiflora rose Shrub
Rubus phoenicolasius RUPH Wineberry Shrub
Persicaria perfoliata POPE10 Mile-a-minute Vine
Celastrus orbiculatus CEOR Oriental bittersweet


Lonicera japonica LOJA Japanese honeysuckle


Reynoutria japonica

REJA2 Japanese knotweed Herb
Alliaria petiolata ALPE Garlic mustard Herb
Microstegium vimineum MIVI Japanese stiltgrass Grass


How to Prepare for Intermediate Survey Plant ID:

  • The next set of plants are species that are just starting to become invasive in our area but are known to be invasive elsewhere. These plants are "emerging" invasives.
  • Sign-up for in-person training at one of our Intermediate Surveyor workshops.
  • Download the Intermediate Survey Plant ID Guide and the Quick ID Guide
 Intermediate Species CODE Common Name Type
Rhamnus cathartica RHCA3 Common buckthorn Tree
Alnus glutinosa ALGL2 European alder Tree
Viburnum dilatatum VIDI80 Linden viburnum Shrub
Viburnum sieboldii VISI Siebold's viburnum Shrub
Lonicera spp. LONIC Bush honeysuckles Shrub
Ligustrum spp. LIGUS2 Privet Shrub
Rhodotypos scandens RHSC3 Jetbead Shrub
Wisteria spp. WIST Japanese/Chinese wisterias

Vine, Woody

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata AMBR Porcelainberry Vine, Woody
Vincetoxicum nigrum CYLO11 Black swallowwort Vine, Herb
Lespedeza cuneata LECU Chinese bush-clover Forbe


Collecting Your Data

Protocols for the 2018 season remain the same as 2011-2017.

Plant data collection methods

Data Collection Methods (PDF) - Be sure to bring this handy guide on the trail.

Data Sheets (to Print)

Volunteer Time Record (PDF) - It is important to us to track the hours our volunteers give to us since this time can count as "match" for grants. You can use this form to track your hours.

Standard Survey Data Sheet (PDF) - You should be armed with ten (10) of these!  You may not need them all, but better to be safe.  Feel free to print double-sided.
Intermediate Survey Data Sheet (PDF)
Standard and Intermediate Combined Data Sheet (PDF)

How to Take Photos of Plants

A Guide to Plant Photography (Powerpoint presentation)

Returning Your Data

Read the Instructions for Returning your Data (PDF).

Download the Standard Data Submission Form spreadsheet (XLS) to type in your data

Intermediate: If you surveyed for Intermediate species, EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T FIND ANY, use one of the following spreadsheets to report your data: 

Contact or visit the Trail Conference Office to return your borrowed GPS unit.