Map Competition

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    We believe that hunters are a significant part of our Catskills trails sales. Typically they are not paricularly trails oriented and buy our maps at outdoor stores. Perhaps we could add some hunter specific features, like DEC check stations and outdoor supply stores (which might help hikers as well, like when you drive all the way up to the Catskills and forgot your hiking socks.). I am invisioning just an icon without any ads but that could be an added feature, e.g. a numbered icon with a table on the back.
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    We might enhance our maps with access to more info from smart phones.  We are on the ground on all of the trails, so we can provide electronic trail features like QR codes on the trails that are keyed to web addresses and map locations.
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    Add a sticker to every map package that says something like the following:
    • Made by locals who know the trails
    • Made by locals who maintain the trails
    Start this campaign now by putting stickers on all the bags. This way the campaign is proactive and in existance before NG brings out the maps. (JA: This comment was added to the Possible Actions section above)