Map Improvement and Retail Display Recommendations


At the June 23, 2011 Publications Committee meeting, Lou Leonardis presented recommendations for improving how our maps are presented at retail establishments.

The recommendations included:

  • Improvements to the map cover.
  • Creation of a new full-color insert to be used as an attractive back cover.
  • Addition of color to map order form (included on back of map cover).
  • Suggestion to print one-color membership form on paper to better utilize Tyvek for map samples, etc.
  • A range of possibilities for improving retail displays, including counter displays, wall displays, hook displays, other displays, hanging signage, and inclusion of free map samples.

The full presentation is available as a PDF here (the file is large at 13MB, so it may take a while to load/save):


Map Cover Improvements

---Lou's revised cover removes the 'locator map' panel (to be placed on new back cover) and removes the "Published by" information to create a cleaner look and show more of the map.
---It was suggested that the green section on the left side (beneath the feature bullet points) be solid green instead of having the map shown, and that the "Made by the people who make the trails" slogan be put above the TC logo.
---A suggestion was also made to move the barcode to the new back cover.


New Back Cover

---Lou's new back cover includes a color photograph (specific to the map set), the slogan "Made by the people who make the trails," the locator map, a statement that "purchase of this map supports trail maintenance in the region," a new 100% guarantee statement, and cross-promotion of a related book or map.
---The back side of the back cover can be used to promote TC volunteer opportunities.
---The back cover would be printed on paper separately from the Tyvek maps, and printing using four-color process allows for a photograph to be included.


Retail Displays

---Since each store is unique, Lou noted we need to determine what works for each store (and what improvements each store may be willing to explore).
---Some of the possible improvements to displays in our major retail partner stores include:

---Placing attractive labels on acrylic holders
---Including taller inserts behind the maps with information (either in holders or hangers)
---Hanging a sign from the ceiling indicating where the maps are located
---Including free map samples (for instance, as a tear-off pad next to the maps)
---Preparing a window sticker advertising our publications (to be placed in store-front window)
---Promoting cash register displays



Additional Retail Store Displays (not covered in presentation):

Ramsey Outdoor - Succasunna
Since Kittatinny and Jersey Highlands are the two maps closest to this store, they both have two hangers...the second Jersey Highlands hanger was empty.  The maps hang on the side of the bookshelf at eye level and are not very visible when entering the book/map/climbing gear section.  Below the maps are a few Rod Johnson maps and then magnifying glasses.  The National Geographic maps were in a free-standing display in the middle of the section that was very visible upon entering the section.

Ramsey Outdoor - Succasunna TC Display