Metro Regional Trails Program

About the Programs

The trails in New York City provide hikers, bikers, walkers, birders, and other nature lovers with amazing outdoor opportunities. The maintenance and construction of these trails are supported by over 250 on-trail volunteers. This stewardship and ever-improving access to the more than 7,300 acres of open space are supported under the jurisdiction of NYC Parks and in partnership with the Natural Areas Conservancy.


Key Initiatives

Super Stewards

As part of NYC Parks’ Super Steward programTrail Maintainers go through advanced training to become a permitted volunteer. They must first attend a public stewardship event, then complete an introductory workshop, followed by a hands-on workshop in the field. Finally, budding Super Steward Trail Maintainers identify and complete their own trail project. 

Get Involved

There are a number of opportunities available for volunteers of all skill levels:

The Trail Conference supports the Natural Areas Conservancy (NAC) and NYC Parks’ Stewardship to run the NYC Parks Trail Maintainer Program. NYC Parks Trail Maintainers are a group of advanced volunteers who steward and maintain NYC’s nature trails to improve the overall health of the city’s diverse natural areas. Becoming an NYC Parks Super Steward is required of any Trail Maintainer working in NYC. Click here for more information.