Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail


Miles in NY: 19.5

Difficulty: Easy to Strenuous

Resources: New York Walk Book (order info); Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference

The Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail on Long Island, completed in 1986 and granted National Recreational Trail status in 1992, preserves a narrow corridor of open land in a densely populated area from Cold Spring Harbor to Massapequa. The trail is blazed white.

While this trail does not offer anything remotely resembling a wilderness experience, its incredibly diverse flora and fauna make up for the lack of isolation. Also, its northern end provides a surprising challenge to hikers expecting an easy stroll on flat Long Island. Elevations vary from sea level to over 200 feet in a rapid series of steep morainal hills.

Click for a detailed description of a 15-mile hike along the Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail.