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The Trail Conference is now offering new digital learning and engagement opportunities. From live webinars to on-demand content, we're providing workshops and lectures to boost your skills and help keep everyone connected.

This is a new initiative that came as a response to COVID-19. We are working hard to put together more opportunities on a daily basis and appreciate your flexibility as we get this all up and running. Check back regularly for new videos and keep an eye on our events page for new live webinars!

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Ecological Stewardship and Invasives Skills


Invasives Strike Force Training Resources and Webinars

Below is a series of training videos for Lower Hudson PRISM's Invasives Strike Force Survey Program. This citizen, or community, science program is designed to help with the mapping of high priority and/or emerging invasive species in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York and northern New Jersey. If you are interested in potentially becoming an Invasives Strike Force Plant Surveyor, please contact our invasive species team by emailing us at [email protected] for the next steps.

For all volunteers who have been in touch with us and are ready for the next steps in training or you are simply looking for access to on-demand survey training resources, look no further than the next sections for help!


Invasives Strike Force Survey Resources

Invasives Strike Force Surveyor Training Workshop Webinar- Part 1 (Species ID)
Description: This video is the first of two required training videos for the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and Lower Hudson PRISM's Invasives Strike Force Survey Program. This required course helps Invasives Strike Force volunteers to identify four high priority invasive species (beech leaf disease, spotted lanternfly, tree of heaven and invasive jumping worms) as well as one emerging invasive plant that rotates depending on the month you begin surveying. For the month of June, that plant is Japanese spiraea. As trained volunteers, you will then conduct monitoring along assigned trail sections that are convenient to your own home and according to a schedule that works for you! 

Invasives Strike Force Surveyor Training Workshop Webinar- Part 2 (Survey Protocols)
Description: This video outlines the data collection and reporting protocols for the Invasives Strike Force Survey Program organized by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and Lower Hudson PRISM. This webinar is a combination of a live Powerpoint presentation and taped video demonstrations of the field survey, data recording and data reporting process. Once completed with this part of your training, you will officially be ready to take on an assignment and become an official ISF surveyor in 2022!

ISF Survey Species QuickID Guide : Key features and photos of all the species on the 2022 ISF Survey species list

ISF Survey Field Data Sheet : This is a .pdf of the data sheet you will need to take with you into the field if you have volunteered as an ISF Standard surveyor. Please take at least 5 copies of this document with you when you go out!

June's Rotating Invasive Plant Field ID Video: Japanese spiraea

Invasive Species Spotlight and Field Identification Videos

Check out our new invasive species spotlight and field ID series! These short, ~5 minute videos highlight specific common, emerging and/or aquatic invasive species in our region. Each species spotlight video will feature information on the species' introduction history, ecology and impacts in addition to reasons for its invasion success and key ID features. For the species that are included in our Invasives Strike Force Survey program (and for other species featured in our monthly EcoQuest Challenge), we will also be releasing short field identification videos including how to tell it apart from other look-alikes!

Common Invasive Species

Emerging and Less Common Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasive Species

Thank you to Subaru Distributors Corp. and Liberty Subaru for their generous donation that helped make these trainings possible.

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