Presentation at Hendrick Hudson Free Library

On October 6, 2009, Jane and Walt Daniels, authors of Walkable Westchester, presented a program at the Hendrick Hudson Free Library. The program was a behind-the-book presentation and included lots of beautiful photos and interesting anecdotes. Jane is an engaging speaker (and retired reference librarian) and the presentation was well received by hikers and non-hikers alike.

Westchester libraries should know about the Daniels and their book, which has received a great deal of positive press, including the New York Times. They have a following; in fact several people who attended already owned the book and have been using it extensively to hike around the county. While many of the parks in the book are located north of I-287, there are parks throughout the entire county. We had at least 20 people at the presentation (which is free) and there have been as many as 40 at other presentations. While Jane and Walt do not push sales of the book at the presentation, it is available for purchase and signing.

The reason I think this is important is that the entire proceeds of the book go to the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, a worthwhile organization. So, in addition to presenting their program gratis, the Daniels are not receiving any money from the sales of the book.

Contact Jane Daniels at [email protected]

Risa Getman
Head of Reference and Adult Services
Hendrick Hudson Free Library
Montrose, NY