Reach Thousands of Active Outdoor Enthusiasts with YOUR LOGO on Popular Trail Conference Maps

Reach Thousands of Active Outdoor Enthusiasts with YOUR LOGO on Popular Trail Conference Maps


  • The Trail Conference is auctioning sponsorship of the 11th edition of the Catskill Trails map set!  With more than 35 peaks over 3,500 feet in elevation and 425 miles of marked trails within the protected scenic  Catskills Park.  This map set covers popular hiking destinations, including the Long Path and Finger Lake Trail with pristine springs, waterfalls, and countless vistas.
  • Revised edition includes improved trail routes from recent GPS surveying, new marked trails, recent relocations, and many other updates to improve accuracy.
  • Unique features of the maps include mileage number directly on the trails and 50-foot elevation contours.


Bids for sponsorship will be accepted starting immediately.  Auction closes FRIDAY, August 21 at 12:00 noon.

Auction for Sponsorship


The region’s most avid, engaged outdoor enthusiasts will see your logo and recognize that your organization cares just as much about open space and trails as they do. The winning sponsor will receive exclusive exposure on both maps as well as prominent placement on high traffic pages on the Trail Conference website ( coordinated with the printed map. Sponsor will also appear on the digital PDF Maps version of this set (a popular app on Apple and Android devices, with more than 50,000 total Trail Conference map downloads).


Trail Conference maps, made by the people who make the trails, are prized among hikers for their superior level of accuracy and detail. And when you sponsor or buy Trail Conference maps, you are supporting the Trail Conference’s work to maintain over 2,100 miles of trails, region-wide!


Quick Facts About the Map/Web Auction


·         Auction Format: one-time, sealed, highest bid

·         Bid Due Date: Auction closes FRIDAY, August 21 at 12:00 noon

·         Bids to be received by email at [email protected]

·         Down payment: 50% by September 4. Balance due by September 18.

·         Current Print (Fall 2015): 12,000 total map sets; with 6 maps in set (4 include sponsor ad); 48,000 total printed logo impressions

·         Previous Winning Bid: Last printed March 2013; 

·         Map materials: high quality, waterproof Tyvek sheet in fitted self-sealing plastic envelope for multi-year durability

·         Distribution: walk-in, internet, and at specialty outdoor gear shops in the region

·         Organizations may bid together and share the space.


The Trail Conference is a not-for-profit, 501c(3) organization and your sponsorship may qualify as a tax-deductible gift. Consult your tax advisor for the potential tax savings.


Place your bid now!


P.S. Did this email reach the wrong person? If so, please pass along the right contact and I will email them. Thank you!


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Available now: Circuit Hikes in Harriman, the first guide to 35 loop hikes in Harriman & Bear Mountain State Parks.


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