Trail Design and Construction Books

  • A.T. Design, Construction, and Maintenance
    by William Birchard, Jr., Robert D. Proudman, and the Regional Staff of the Appalachian Trail Conference, 2nd edition, March 2000, ISBN 0-917953-72-X.
  • A.T. Fieldbook: Maintenance & Rehabilitation GuidelinesA key supplement for volunteers to Appalachian Trail Design, Construction, and Maintenance. It's 96 pages, spiral-bound, and pocket-sized, made for field work.
  • Lightly on the Land: The SCA Trail-Building and Maintenance Manual, Robert C. Birkby  Peter Lucchetti (Illustrator)  With Jenny Tempest, The Mountaineers, January 2006, ISBN 0-898868-48-3. 
  • The Complete Guide to Trail Building and Maintenance Carl Demrow and David Salisbury,  3rd Edition, Publisher: Appalachian Mountain Club 1998, ISBN:1-878239-54-6
  • Trail Solutions, 2004, IMBA's Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack. ISBN 0-9755023-0-1
  • Crew Leader Manual, American Hiking Society, revised 10/1/2003, A comprehensive  step-by-step guide for leading a volunteer trail crew.
  • Wetland Trail Design and Construction Robert Steinholtz and Brian Vachowski, US Department of Transportation and the US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service, Missoula Technology and development Center, 2007
  • Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook Woody Hesselbarth and Brian Vachowski, US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service, Missoula Technology and development Program, Revised 2007
  • Washington Trails Association - Guide to Trail Work Online guide.
  • Natural Surface Trails by Design: Physical and Human Essentials of Sustainable, Enjoyable Trails Troy Scott Parker, 2004. See
  • Trail Planning, Design and Development Guidelines Jeff 
    Schoenbaurer (Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resouces) 2006 out of print See http://atsites/default/