What's New on the Website?

Thank you for visiting the Trail Conference website. We are actively enhancing the site in response to Contact Us feedback and projects we have in the works.


  1. Added a scroll bar to the hike, park and destination full descriptions.
  2. Removed all displays of region from parks on the main page and replaced region with county and state in the hike finder.
  3. Fixed a bug that was not allowing the trail crew worktrips and workshops to display their descriptions in the volunteer finder.
  4. The volunteer finder will now automatically show the grid view under the map on page load.


  1. The time to complete hikes is now displayed on the summary block at the top of every hike page. In addition the time of each hike is also available on the printer friendly version.
  2. Changed the home page ‘Find Trails’ to ‘Find Hikes’, also in the menu
  3. The Hiking Resource page provides a list view of hikes and parks.


CiviCRM menu includes a new ‘Documentation’ section with links to all Trail Conference specific CiviCRM documentation and CiviCRM User Guide.


The Donate page is updated with an expanded donate page with amount selections, available premium and the usual payment options.


  1. On Membersjihp page added a Renew Now section with a button to the renewal form where users will be able to see their current membership level and expiration.
  2. On Membership page added a Donate More option to be able to donate along with renewing membership or joining as a new member.


Created a new ‘Trail Forums’ page and added a new menu selection to the ‘News’ section of the menu to make it easier for our community to find and post comments in the various forums. This change also improves the display of responses to comments.


Created beautiful printer friendly pages for all hikes, parks and destinations, available on the ‘Let’s Go’ section of these pages.