Yorktown Trail Plan

A cooperative project of the New York- New Jersey Trail Conference's East Hudson Community Initiative (Trail Conference) with cooperation of and involvement with Westchester Mountain Biking Association (WMBA)


Design and build a non-motorized trail system encompassingand connecting Sylvan Glen, Deer Hollow Park, the new Stony Street park property, the DEP property, the gas line, Woodlands Park, and the YorktownTrailway.


Overall the trail system is envisioned to encourage positive uses of the park. Community involvement in the building phase will help that vision.

The trails will be built to be sustainable with natural resource issues addressed in their design and construction. It is assumed they will have minimal impact to the environment, minimize changes to its shape (in terms of surface, width, and location), resist erosion, and minimize the need for maintenance. An environmental assessment will address issues of rare or endangered species. Invasive species such as barberry or multiflora rose will be noted. Once completed, the trails will be maintained according to the Trail Conference's management and maintenance practices.

Groups expected to use the trails include hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, dog walkers, birders, cross country skiers, snowshoers, and those who seek solitude, and generally enjoy nature. Trails will be marked for foot traffic or multiuse. No motorized vehicles will be permitted on any of the trails.

Access to trails will be through parking areas, neighborhood rights of way, and ends of streets.

Trails will be blazed using the Town's tag blazes. Signs indicating permitted uses will be posted at all entrances with kiosks at parking areas. All kiosks will have a map and interpretive material with additional interpretive signs at appropriate places.